Carbon Reduction Charter


            Statement of commitment



We understand and agree that-

Combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions have become major challenges to the community.

Efforts to reduce GHG emissions will also be beneficial to maintaining a healthy living environment and improving air quality.

We can play a useful part to reduce GHG emissions from buildings.





In order to contribute to reduce GHG emissions from buildings, we are committed to-
Encouraging and supporting the buildings’ management to conduct carbon audit on buildings and improve their GHG emission performance in accordance with the recommendations arising from the audit.

Formulating implementation plans with measurable targets to promote and support the reduction of the overall GHG emissions from buildings.

Promoting and facilitating GHG emission reduction by supporting offsetting activities to compensate for the GHG emissions from buildings.
Facilitating the adoption of environment-friendly equipment, products and practices in buildings wherever possible.
Drawing up plans to promote the awareness and acceptance of the tenants and users of buildings regarding the GHG emission reduction measures.

Working in partnership with all the stakeholders in the community to promote best practices and behavioral changes to reduce GHG emissions.

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