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General Enquiry
EPD General Enquiry : enquiry@epd.gov.hk
Feedback and comments on this website
Webmaster : webmaster@epd.gov.hk
The Environment and Conservation Fund Committee
Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and other Projects; and Nature Conservation Management Agreement Projects ecfc@epd.gov.hk
Environmental Education and Community Action Projects : eeca@epd.gov.hk
Community Waste Reduction Projects : wrp@epd.gov.hk
Energy-Cum-Carbon Audit Projects and Energy Efficiency Projects : beefs@emsd.gov.hk
Partnership Programme
Partnership with Property Management : pmpp@epd.gov.hk
Partnership with Construction Industry : gcpp@epd.gov.hk
Partnership with Food & Restaurant Trade : greenrestaurant@epd.gov.hk
Partnership with Transport Industry : greengarage@epd.gov.hk
Environment Programme
IAQ Information Center : enquiry@iaq.gov.hk
Waste Recycling Helpline : recycling_helpline@epd.gov.hk
EIAO Comment : eiaocomment@epd.gov.hk
Environmental Campaign Committee Secretariat: ecc@epd.gov.hk



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