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New First Registration Tax Concessions for Electric VehiclesNew

First registration tax (FRT) concessions for electric vehicles (EV) for the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 inclusive are as follows:

i) electric private cars: their FRT will be waived up to $97,500; and

ii) electric commercial vehicles (including goods vehicles, buses, light buses, taxis, and special purpose vehicles), electric motor cycles and electric motor tricycles: their FRT will be waived in full.

As an one-off arrangement, electric private cars ordered by buyers from local registered distributors or arranged for shipment to Hong Kong by owners before 11:00 a.m. on 22 February 2017 (Hong Kong time) will still be entitled to have their FRT fully waived even if they are first registered after 31 March 2017.

The details of the application for an FRT full waiver for electric private cars under the one-off arrangement, including the application procedures and supporting documents required are available at the Transport Department (TD)'s website. For enquiries, please call the TD's Hong Kong Licensing Office at 2804 2634.


Electric vehicles (EVs) have no tailpipe emissions. Replacing conventional vehicles with EVs can help improve roadside air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A wider use of EVs also contributes to the development of environmental industries.

The Finance Secretary chairs a Steering Committee on the Promotion of EVs with members drawn from various sectors to recommend a strategy complementary with specific measures to promote the use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong, having regard to the resulting energy efficiency, environmental benefits and the creation of business opportunities.

Government’s Measures to Promote the Use of
Electric Vehicles

The Government has been promoting the use of EVs by the following measures:

  1. Offering first registration tax (FRT) concessions for EVs. During the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 inclusive, the FRT on electric commercial vehicles, electric motor cycles and electric motor tricycles will be fully waived, and electric private cars will have their FRT waived up to $97,500. Furthermore, enterprises which procure EVs are allowed 100% profits tax deduction for the capital expenditure on EVs in the first year of procurement.
  2. A HK$300 million Pilot Green Transport Fund has been put in place since March 2011 to encourage the public transport trades, goods vehicle operators and charitable / non-profit-making organizations to try out green innovative and low carbon transport technologies (including EVs).
  3. The ultimate objective of the Government is to have zero emission buses running across the territory. To this end, the Government allocated $180 million for franchised bus companies to purchase 36 single-deck electric buses, include 28 battery-electric buses and 8 supercapacitor buses, for trial runs to assess their operational efficiency and performance under the local conditions. 22 battery-electric buses and 2 supercapacitor buses have commenced operation. Most of the remaining electric buses are expected to be put into service progressively in 2018.

EV Models in Hong Kong

As at end of December 2017, there are 11,099 EVs for road use, up from less than 100 in end 2010. At present, 75 EV models from 8 countries have been type-approved by the Transport Department. These include 53 models for private cars and motorcycles, 22 models for public transport and commercial vehicles, listed as follows:

Vehicle classification Name of Retailer Contact Telephone Model
Private cars    

Euauto MyCar

Private cars Universal Cars Limited 2721-1111

Mitsubishi iMiEV

Private cars Honest Motors Limited 2262-1088 Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF Plus
Nissan E-NV200 5-seater
Nissan E-NV200 7-seater
Private cars Tesla Motors HK Limited 3974-0288 Tesla Model S
85 kWh Performance
85 kWh
60 kWh
70 kWh Dual Motor
85 kWh Performance Dual Motor
85 kWh Dual Motor
90 kWh Dual Motor
90 kWh Performance Dual Motor
70 kWh
90 kWh
75 kWh Dual Motor
75 kWh
60 kWh Dual Motor
100 kWh Performance Dual Motor
100 kWh Dual Motor

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Model X
60 kWh Dual Motor
75 kWh Dual Motor
90 kWh Dual Motor
90 kWh Performance Dual Motor
100 kWh Performance Dual Motor
100 kWh Dual Motor
Private cars BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited 3193-6890 BMW i3 (I01)
BMW i3 94AH(I01)
Private cars Wearnes Motors (HK) Limited 2927-3538 Renault Fluence Z.E.
Renault ZOE
Renault ZOE (16 Alloy Wheel)
Renault ZOE (R240)
Renault ZOE (Q210)
Renault ZOE (ZE40)
Private cars BYD (H.K.) Co., Ltd. 5466-6877
BYD e6
Private cars Fortune Dragon Motors Limited 2433-8838


Private cars Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited 2594-8800

Daimler Smart fortwo

Private cars Volkswagen Group Hong Kong Limited 3698-9618

e-GOLF 85kW 24.2kWh CL
New e-Golf

Private cars Hyundai Hong Kong Co., Ltd 3428-8288

Hyundai  Ioniq Electric

Motorcycles     Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia Plus
Brammo Empulse
Brammo Empulse R
E-MAX "120LD+"
Vectrix VX-1
Motorcycles GMI 2443-6333 GMI Proton 750
GMI Proton 850
Motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Hong Kong 2320-0064 Zero S (ZF9)
Zero SR ZF11.4
Zero S ZF13.0
Light goods vehicles Fortune Dragon Motors Limited 2433-8838

Micro-vett electric Doblo (based on Fiat Doblo)

Light goods vehicles Wearnes Motors (HK) Limited 2927-3538 Renault Kangoo Z.E.
Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. 2-seater
Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. 5-seater
Light goods vehicles Universal Cars Limited 2721-1111

Mitsubishi Minicab iMiEV

Light goods vehicles Honest Motors Limited 2262-1088 Nissan E-NV200 Half Panel Van (LGV)
Nissan E-NV200 Full Panel Van (LGV)
Light goods vehicles Vasplex Motor Co., Ltd. 3123-5226


Light bus Confidence Motors Limited 2668-1084

Wuzhoulong  FDG6700EVG

Light bus Regal Motors Limited 2668-1486

King Long  XMQ6706CYBEVS

Bus BYD (H.K.) Co., Ltd. 6901-4188


Bus Great Dragon International Corp. Ltd. 2768-2466 Shandong Yixing
HC-150-120 (Great Dragon)
HC-150-105 (Feiyan)
Bus Confidence Motors Limited 2668-1084 Wuzhoulong
Bus Regal Motors Limited 2668-1486

Youngman "JNP6122UC" ultra capacitor bus

Bus China Green Dynamics Co., Ltd. 2152-9998

China Green Dynamics  EFV3000

Taxi BYD (H.K.) Co.,Ltd. 5466-6877
BYD e6

For EV models that are available for sale in Hong Kong, please check with vehicle retailers or manufacturers.


Installation of EV Chargers

In general, EV owners should charge their EVs by using charging facilities at their workplace, home or other suitable places.  The public charging network mainly serves as supplementary charging facilities, enabling EVs to top up their batteries to complete their journeys when necessary.  Therefore, potential buyers should consider charging arrangements before buying EVs.

To enhance the charging efficiency of public charging facilities, the Government has been upgrading more public chargers to medium chargers so as to reduce the charging time for EVs.  In addition to the 100 medium chargers installed at government car parks, in late February 2017, the Environmental Protection Department also completed the engineering works of upgrading 174 standard chargers to medium chargers at 7 government car parks managed by Transport Department and Government Property Agency.  The chargers were put into service in early March 2017.  The two power companies and the commercial sector will also progressively upgrade their existing public standard chargers to medium chargers and install multi-standard quick chargers.  EV suppliers have also been pro-active in adding their EV charging facilities for their EV models at public venues.

With the steady growth in the number of EVs, there are private companies in the market that provide one-stop EV charging service, including installation of charging facilities and provision of charging service, at the EV owners’ car parks.  To facilitate EV owners, some EV charging service providers also provide real-time information on the availability of their public EV chargers and reservation of their EV chargers through mobile Apps.

As at the end of December 2017, there are 1846 EV chargers for public use including 605 medium chargers in Hong Kong, covering all 18 districts in various types of buildings.  In addition, there are now 26 CHAdeMO quick chargers set up at various districts, such that there is one within around 10 km.  There are also 300 other quick chargers using other charging standards.

Regarding support to EV users, a hotline (3757 6222) was set up at the Environmental Protection Department to provide information and technical support to interested parties in setting up EV chargers at car parks.  Besides, guidelines have been issued on the arrangements and technical requirements in setting up EV chargers. The two power companies have also launched one-stop services to EV owners who intend to install charging facilities at their parking spaces. This includes site inspection, provision of technical advices, inspection of completed charging installation and connection of the power supply.

Please see below the following information related to charging facilities:

  1. Technical Guidelines on Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles (issued by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department)

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Further Information

For further information, please contact us at:

Email: ev@epd.gov.hk

EV Hotline: 3757-6222





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