Sludge Treatment Facility

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As recently as the 1960's, Tuen Mun was a quiet fishing village. Today it is one of Hong Kong's thriving new towns nestling on the river and surrounded by rolling hills, Tuen Mun expresses its lively character through an intriguing blend of history, culture and bustling street life. Soon, an evolutionary and environmentally advanced facility inspired by its natural surroundings will be constructed in Tuen Mun Tsang Tsui. The Sludge Treatment Facility symbolizes the progressive solutions of the Hong Kong government commitment to sustainability and provides a vital link in their continuous effort to upgrade Hong Kong's waste treatment technology. The most advanced facility of its kind in the world, the sludge treatment facility will process up to 2,000 tonnes of sludge per day under strict monitoring guidelines demonstrating Hong Kong's determination in purifying the Harbour. It's a place to educate, invigorate and cultivate the consciousness of our future generations. The Architecture combines the profile, form and function of the process designed here to blend into the environment in which it resides providing leisure, educational and recreational facilities for the community.Surrounding the building is the carefully planned landscape, linear in design with pockets of quiet reflection. Protected by the facility the re-created wetlands will become home to some of Hong Kong natural wildlife.The Environmental Education Centre (EEC) is designed for learning, research, health and well-being and strengthens links with present and future generations for creating a green and healthy living environment. The building houses a permanent exhibition which gives the visitor, through the use of interactive displays and larger than life exhibits, an insight into the sludge treatment process. The EEC is also home to a lecture theatre and an indoor heated pool offering visitors a place for relaxation and rejuvenation.Across the Skybridge, visitors can enjoy a tour of the facility from the air conditioned SkyWalk without disturbing the day to day operations of the process. The main building resembles a wave form accentuated by a central administration tower. The curved ribbons from the green undulating roof gently twist to welcome natural light and ventilation, reducing energy consumption. Located at the top is the Skydeck viewing platform, a place to marvel at the panoramic views over the unspoilt Deep Bay and surrounding hills. This project, a benchmark of responsible and sustainable development, also sets out to educate society on the protection of the environment and to reduce carbon emissions. Through the adoption of an innovative design and the combination of cutting-edge technology and world-class management, the sludge treatment facility, targeted for commencement of operations in 2013, comprises all necessary advanced environmental elements in contributing towards a greener society for the present and future generations to come.