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Waste Reduction Framework Plan Initiatives

Waste Reduction Framework Plan

Foreword by The Chief Executive The Honourable Tung Chee Hwa
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 : The Problem and the Way Forward
Rising Pressure on Land
The Hidden Costs of Waste Management
A New Framework
Chapter 2 : Objectives and Guiding Principles
Targets for Municipal Solid Waste Reduction
Targets for Construction and Demolition Material Management
Long-term Aim
Guiding Principles
The Polluter Pays Principle and the User Pays Principle
Use of Market Instruments
Maximising Private Sector Involvement
Restrained Use of Legislation
Minimising Red Tape
Enforcement and Control
Self Reliance
Building on Existing Strengths
Education and Publicity
Chapter 3 : Waste Management Action Areas
Waste Management Action Areas :
- Waste Avoidance
- Waste Minimisation
- Waste Recovery, Recycling and Re-use
- Waste Bulk Reduction
- Waste Disposal
Focus on Domestic Waste
Management of Construction and Demolition Material
Chapter 4 : Tools for Waste Management
Bring Systems
Changes in Building Regulations
Demonstration Scheme
Environmentally Responsible Purchasing
Grants for Material Recovery Projects
Land Allocation Policy
Market Instruments
Material Recovery Facilities
Producer Responsibility Schemes
Sectoral Schemes
Source Separation Systems
Task Forces
Taxation and Fiscal Measures
Waste-to-Energy Incineration
Waste Reduction Committee
Wastewi$e Scheme
Chapter 5 : The Framework Plan
The Waste Reduction Framework Plan :
- Prevention of Waste Programme
- Institutional Programme
- Waste Bulk Reduction Programme
Implementation Timetable
Evaluation and Monitoring
Chapter 6 : Action by the Public Sector
Policy Bureaux
Statutory Authorities and Corporations
Chapter 7 : Action for the Private Sector
Waste Management Companies
Chapter 8 : Action for Non-Governmental Organisations
Chapter 9 : Action for Everyone
Chapter 10 : Costs and Benefits of the Plan
Other Benefits
Annex A : List of Acronyms
Annex B : Glossary of Terms



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