Press Releases


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Date Press release - Topical issues
29-03-2017 Fraudulent email related to EPD
29-03-2017 SEN to visit Macau
28-03-2017 EPD responds to media report on HZMB Hong Kong Link Road reclamation works
28-03-2017 Qualifying standards for environment-friendly commercial vehicles to remain unchanged for 2017-18
28-03-2017 Traders convicted for illegal import of waste printed circuit boards (with photo)
23-03-2017 Recycling shop and truck driver convicted for illegally collecting waste car batteries
23-03-2017 Appointments to new term of Steering Committee of Pilot Green Transport Fund
21-03-2017 Company convicted and fined for illegally handling and exporting waste lead-acid batteries
20-03-2017 Implementation arrangements for municipal solid waste charging (with photo)
16-03-2017 Jordan clinic convicted of mixing clinical waste with general refuse
14-03-2017 First conviction for using non-road mobile machinery that failed to meet emission standard
13-03-2017 Contractors convicted and fined for illegally carrying out construction work at night
07-03-2017 Inter-departmental efforts in combating illegal collection of hazardous e-waste result in successful prosecutions against recycling site operators
07-03-2017 Importer fined for importing hairspray with excessive volatile organic compounds
06-03-2017 Yuen Long Community Green Station officially opened today (with photos)
05-03-2017 Second batch of Community Involvement Projects for Municipal Solid Waste charging launched (with photos)
01-03-2017 Health risk category for Air Quality Health Index may reach "Serious" Level
28-02-2017 Appointments to new term of Council for Sustainable Development
28-02-2017 18th batch of applications approved under Pilot Green Transport Fund
26-02-2017 Tertiary students commended for creative efforts in promoting sustainable development
22-02-2017 EPD responds to media reports on alleged violation of EIA Ordinance by HZMB Hong Kong Link Road reclamation works
22-02-2017 New first registration tax concessions for electric vehicles
21-02-2017 Kwun Tong Community Green Station officially opens today
17-02-2017 Amendment Regulation to tighten vehicle emission standards
17-02-2017 Tenders invited for contracts as Glass Management Contractors
16-02-2017 Two successful prosecutions by EPD against illegal disposal of waste spotted in blitz operations
10-02-2017 Adjustment to provision of litter containers and recycling bins in public places
06-02-2017 Lorry owner convicted of illegal waste disposal in Pui O
24-01-2017 ECC organises Green Lunar New Year Fair to promote "use less, waste less" message (with photos)
24-01-2017 Fourth batch of applications approved under Recycling Fund
23-01-2017 Garage in Wan Chai and illegal waste car batteries collector fined
20-01-2017 Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2030+ announced (with photos)
17-01-2017 Yuen Long recycling site fined $16,000 for illegal handling of hazardous e-waste
12-01-2017 Companies operating open yard and site manager convicted and fined for illegal collection and storage of waste lead-acid batteries
12-01-2017 Second phase of new vehicle emission test fee to begin on February 1
10-01-2017 Two importers convicted for illegal imports of hazardous e-waste
10-01-2017 Chicken farm owner in Tai Kong Po, Yuen Long, fined $40,000 for illegal discharge of livestock waste
08-01-2017 Health risk category for Air Quality Health Index may reach "Serious" Level
06-01-2017 16th meeting of Hong Kong-Guangdong Joint Working Group on Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection held in Guangzhou
05-01-2017 SEN to visit Guangzhou tomorrow
02-01-2017 T·PARK attracts over 41 000 visitors (with photos)

Date Press release - Prosecution statistics
14-03-2017 Prosecution Statistics in February
15-02-2017 Prosecution Statistics in January
16-01-2017 Prosecution Statistics in December

Date Press release - List of environmental impact assessment studies
13-01-2017 List of environmental impact assessment released