Impact Assessment

No direct loss of fishponds will be resulted from the Project as they are all located at least 50 m away from the Project Site boundary (the active fishpond is located about 340 m away from the Project Site boundary). Although some of the abandoned fish ponds were located downstream to Work Areas I and II, however, water from Shenzhen River will not intrude into any ponds and therefore, no negative impact to the condition of the abandoned ponds is expected.

Potential impacts to the pond fish culture within the Study Area are evaluated based on the Criteria for Evaluation Fisheries Impact according to Annex 9 of the EIAO-TM and are presented in the table below.

Criteria Evaluation

Nature of Impact

No direct or indirect impacts would be resulted from construction and operation of the Project.

Size of Affected Area


Loss of Fisheries Resources/ Production

No loss of pond culture fisheries resources is expected.

Destruction and Disturbance of Nursery and Spawning Grounds

No impact is expected to occur in nursery or spawning ground.

Impact on Fishing Activity


Impact on Aquaculture Activity


Overall Impact Conclusion

No Impact is expected to occur