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Agreement No. CE 69/2001(HY)

Tsuen Wan Bypass, Widening of Tsuen Wan Road between Tsuen Tsing Interchange and

Kwai Tsing Interchange and Associated Junction Improvement Works


Conditions of Use

1.        In order to facilitate public involvement in the EIA process, the Project Proponent has produced this 3-dimensional electronic visualization of the major findings and elements of the EIA Report.  This 3-dimensional electronic visualization does not purport to be a full and complete depiction of the EIA report and has been prepared on the basis that users will also carefully read and consider the complete EIA report. The full EIA report sets out important details and additional background so should be read for a better understanding and before forming any opinion.  In the event of any inconsistency between this 3-dimensional electronic visualization and any implied representation of the EIA report, the details in the EIA report shall prevail. Users are responsible for making their own assessments of all the information contained in or in connection with this 3-dimensional electronic visualization and are advised to verify such information by making reference to printed version of the EIA Report and obtain independent advice before acting on it.

2.        The Project Proponent is the owner of all rights in the contents of this 3-dimensional electronic visualization. Users are not allowed to adapt, modify, reproduce, publicly display, perform, distribute, translate or use materials in this 3-dimensional electronic visualization for any public or commercial purposes (apart from matters related to the EIA process) without the express written authorization of the Project Proponent. Any unauthorized use of such materials may violate copyright, trade mark or other laws. The Project Proponent assumes no risk, loss, responsibility or liability whatsoever arising from or connected to any unauthorized use of such materials.

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