Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance, Cap.499

Application for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit

(Application No: DIR-113/2005)


Project Title: Expansion and Extension of Fill Bank at Tuen Mun Area 38


Conditions Imposed under Section 5(12) of the Ordinance

for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit



1.      All measures described in the Project Profile submitted by the Applicant on 4 January 2005, together with those requirements mentioned in the following conditions, shall be fully implemented.


2.      An area of 100m x 100m in the north-eastern corner of the stockpiling area shall be managed as a ˇ§truckload control zoneˇ¨ (Figure 1) where no more than 64 vehicle-trip per hour and 704 vehicle-trip per day shall be allowed to travel to the control zone between 0800 and 2000 hours daily.  No traffic to the control zone shall be allowed between 2000 and 0800 hours daily.


3.      To mitigate the operational noise impact, semi-enclosure with a material surface density of at least 10 kg/m2 shall be erected along the at-grade haul roads (Figures 2 and 3) before the occupation of the planned holiday camp.


4.      When the planned holiday camp is occupied, operational and removal activities of the fill bank shall be limited to the southern side of the stockpile during the time between 2300 and 0700 hours (Figure 2).


5.      Hydroseeding or earthy coloured geo-textile matting in green, grey or brown colour shall be provided on the slopes of the fill bank along the eastern, northern and western sides as the slopes of each layer of platform are formed.


6.  The fill bank shall be fully decommissioned by March 2009.




Under Section 17 of the EIA Ordinance, the Applicant may appeal to the Appeal Board against any of the above conditions within 30 days of the receipt of this notice of the Directorˇ¦s decision.



Environmental Protection Department

February 2005