Environmental Permit No. 環境許可證編號: EP-010/1998

Section 10




A部 (許可證主要部分)

Pursuant to Section 10 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance, the Director of Environmental Protection (the Director) grants this environmental permit to the HOME AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT (the "Permit Holder") to construct and operate the designated project described in Part B subject to the conditions described in and attached to Part C. The issue of this environmental permit is based on the documents, approvals or permissions described below :


Application No.

AEP 010/1998

Document in the Register :
登記冊上的文件 :

Project Profile - "IS082 - Improvement to the Stream Course at Pui O"
( Register No. : PP-019/1998 )
[ hereinafter referred to as "Project Profile" ]

工程項目簡介 "IS082 - 貝澳河道的改善工程"
( 登記冊編號: PP-019/1998 )
[ 以下簡稱 "工程項目簡介"]

Director's Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit

Letter Reference : (31) in EP 2/N9/I/62

Dated : 20 October 1998
日期: 一九九八年十月二十日


(Robert J.S. LAW)
Director of Environmental Protection

B部 (指定工程項目的說明)

Hereunder is the description of the designated project mentioned in Part A of this environmental permit :


Title of Designated Project

IS082 - Improvement to the Stream Course at Pui O

Nature of Designated Project

Improvement works to a river which discharges into a coastal protection area.

Location of Designated Project

Pui O, Lantau Island

Scale and Scope of Designated Project

To strengthen and stabilize a section of the stream of approximately 630 metre long.
The improvement works include (a) installation of gabions and reno mattresses for stabilizing the river banks; and (b) removal of boulders from the streambed for channel deepening. The full details are given in the Project Profile [Register No. : PP-019/1998].
[ This designated project is hereinafter referred as "the Project"]

有關工程的詳細資料已在"工程項目簡介"內列明 [ 登記冊編號 : PP-019/1998 ]。
[本指定工程項目以下簡稱 "該工程"]。

[Chinese Version of Part C]


1 General Conditions

1.1 The Permit Holder shall ensure full compliance with all conditions of this permit. Any non-compliance with this permit may constitute a contravention of the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (Cap. 499) and shall be definite ground for enforcement action or permit cancellation where applicable.

1.2 This permit shall not remove the responsibility of the Permit Holder to comply with any legislation currently in force such as Noise Control Ordinance (Cap.400), Air Pollution Control Ordinance (Cap.311), Water Pollution Control Ordinance (Cap.358), Dumping at Sea Ordinance (Cap.466), Waste Disposal Ordinance (Cap.354) and others.

1.3 The Permit Holder shall make copies of this permit available at all times for inspection by the Director at all sites covered by this permit.

1.4 The Permit Holder shall give a copy of this permit to the person(s) in charge of the site(s).

1.5 The Permit Holder shall display a copy of this permit at the construction site at all vehicular site entrances/exits or at the nearest convenient locations for the public's information at all times. The Permit Holder shall ensure that the most updated information about the environmental permit, including any amended permit, is displayed at such locations. If the Permit Holder surrenders a part or the whole of the permit, the notice he sends to the Director shall also be displayed at the same locations for displaying the original permit.

1.6 The Permit Holder shall construct and operate the project in accordance with the project descriptions in Part B of this permit, the details in the Project Profile and the conditions of the Director's permission.

2. Specific Conditions

2.1 The Permit Holder shall only undertake the construction works at the section of the stream course delineated in Figure 1 attached to this permit and in the manners described in the project profile [Registration No.: PP-019/1998].

2.2 The works storage and preparation area shall be located within the site boundary delineated in Figure 1 attached to this permit.

2.3 On-site supervisory staff shall be provided to monitor the implementation of the mitigation measures and the compliance with the permit conditions.

2.4 Only boulders shall be removed from the stream bed. There shall be no excavation of the stream bed at all times.

2.5 Topsoil excavated from the work site shall be applied onto the gabions.

2.6 There shall be no tree felling due to the construction works.

2.7 Excavation works shall be carried out in dry season to minimize the adverse water quality impact from the Project.

2.8 Construction works shall be carried out in a sequence from downstream to upstream within the site boundary.

2.9 Extracted material from the river improvement works shall be prevented from entering into the water course.

2.10 The contractor for carrying out the Project shall maintain the normal water flow within the stream at all times during construction.

2.11 Temporarily exposed slope surfaces and open stockpiles of construction material on the Project site(s) shall be covered by tarpaulin or similar fabric before the arrival of strong wind and/or rainstorm(s).

2.12 Temporary access roads shall be protected by crushed stone or gravel in the course of construction.

2.13 Exposed soil areas shall be hydroseeded and provided with planting where practical.

2.14 The Permit Holder shall notify the Director two weeks prior to the commencement of works.

2.15 The Permit Holder shall keep the disposal record (including quantity, disposal location, date and time) of all excavated material arising from the project.


  1. This environmental permit consists of three parts, namely, PART A (Main Permit), PART B (Description of Designated Project) and PART C (Permit Conditions).

  2. The permit holder may apply to the Director under section 13 of the Ordinance for variation to the conditions of this environmental permit. The permit holder shall replace the original permit displayed at the construction site by the amended permit.

  3. A person who assumes the responsibility for the whole or a part of the designated project may, before he assumes responsibility of the designated project, apply under section 12 of the Ordinance to the Director for a further environmental permit.

  4. Under section 14 of the Ordinance, the Director with the consent of the Secretary for Planning, Environment and Lands, may suspend, vary or cancel this environmental permit. In that event, this environmental permit and its copies shall cease to be displayed at the construction site(s).

  5. If this permit is cancelled or surrendered during construction, an environmental permit must be obtained under the Ordinance before construction works at the project site could continue. It is an offence under section 26(1) of the Ordinance to construct or operate a designated project without an environmental permit.

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[C 部 英 文 本]

環境許可證編號: EP-010/1998

C部 (許可證條件)

1. 一般條件

1.1 許可證持有人必須確保完全遵守本環境許可證的全部條件。凡有不遵守本許可證的情況,均可構成違反環境影響評估

1.2 本許可證並不免除許可證持有人須遵守現行法例的責任,例如:噪音管制條例(第400章);空氣污染管制條例

1.3 許可證持有人須於本許可證所列的工地放置本許可證的副本,以供署長隨時查閱。

1.4 許可證持有人須將本許可證的一份副本給予工地的負責人。

1.5 許可證持有人須在建造工地的所有車輛進出口或最就近方便的地點展示本許可證的副本,以供公眾隨時閱覽。

1.6 許可證持有人須依照本許可證B部的工程項目說明、工程項目簡介詳情以及署長批可的條件來建造及營辦工程。

2. 特定條件

2.1 許可證持有人須按工程項目簡介[登記編號:PP-019/1998] 所說明的方式在本許可證 附圖1 所劃定的一段河道進行建造工程。

2.2 有關工程的貯存及準備工作地點須設於 附圖1 所劃定的工地界線內。

2.3 須在工地派駐督導人員,以監察緩解措施的施行及遵守許可證條件的情況。

2.4 只可清除河床的石塊。任何時閒均不得在河床進行挖土。

2.5 從工地挖出的表土須用於築堤的石籠上。

2.6 不得因建造工程而砍伐樹木。

2.7 挖土工程須在旱季進行,以盡量減低該工程對水質造成的不良影響。

2.8 建造工程須在工地界線內從下游往上游順序進行。

2.9 須防止由河流改善工程挖出的物料進入水道。

2.10 該工程承辦商在工程期間任何時間均須維持河道的水流正常。

2.11 工地內暫時外露的斜坡表面及露天堆存的建築物料,須在強風及暴雨來臨前以帆布或同類的物料覆蓋。

2.12 在建造工程期間,臨時通路須蓋以碎石或礫石以作保護。

2.13 對外露的泥土進行噴草及盡可能裁種植物。

2.14 許可證持有人須在動工日期前兩星期通知署長。

2.15 許可證持有人須就該工程挖出的物料的處置作出紀錄(包括數量、處置地點、日期及時間)。


  1. 本環境許可證共有3部,即:A部(許可證主要部分);B部(指定工程項目的說明);及C部(許可證條件)。

  2. 許可證持有人可根據法例第13條向署長申請更改本環境許可證的條件。許可證持有人須將修訂的許可證,

  3. 承擔指定工程項目的整項或部分工程責任的人,在承擔指定工程項目責任之前,可根據條例第12條向署長申請新的

  4. 根據法例第14條,署長可在規劃環境地政局局長的同意下暫時吊銷、更改或取消本環境許可證。

  5. 如果在挖泥期間取消或交回本許可證,必須先根據法例規定取得環境許可證,方可在工程地點繼續進行

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