Appendix A

Bund Modification Scheme of Mangrove Planting Area in the Disused Tai O Salt Pans

(Based on Section 10.10.2 of the Environmental Review Report as submitted on 14 August 2002 as part of the application documents referred in Part A of the Permit)


The bund modification scheme of the mangrove planting area in Tai O salt pans is described as below.  Area location numbering as stated in the bund modification scheme below is shown in Figure 3 of this Permit.

(i)                  Bunds perpendicular to the seawall except the eastern end of Areas 3, 5 and 9 will be demolished. The bund at the southern end shall be retained and reinforced as a footpath for visitors to enter the mangroves. To ensure adequate water flow, a small box culvert or pipes shall be built between Area 8 and 7 (The diameter of the pipes shall be around 1 to 1.5 metres). Avoid building the box culvert or pipes in the area with 3 individuals of Acanthus ilicifolius and one individual of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza near Area 8.

(ii)                The eastern two thirds of bund at Area 3 shall be preserved and the footpath to be opened up by clearing vegetation and localized grading.

(iii)               The middle bund parallel to the seawall within Areas 7, 4 and 2 shall be retained and reinforced as a footpath. As mangrove trees in Area 4 have been well established, this cluster shall be preserved.

(iv)              The bund north of Area 2 and south of Area 1 will be cut down to form a low lying bund at around +1.5mPD using redeposition of sediments.  In the future a bridge joining the newly created mudflat and Area 1 may be built so visitors can walk through the mangrove plantation.

(v)                Although the bund between Areas 5 and 4 will be cut down to +1.5mPD to allow tidal exchange, the south side of bund shall be preserved including one individual tree of Excoecaria agallocha ( close to Area 5).

(vi)              The mangroves along the seawall especially in Area 11 and the Bruguiera gymnorrhiza tree in Area 10 shall be preserved.

(vii)             The mangroves along the landward region (adjacent to the existing road) and between Areas 9 and 11 shall be preserved and expanded.

(viii)           The slopes on two sides of the proposed preserved bund are fairly steep that a gentle mud flat shall be created.

(ix)              The reconstruction / restoration of the existing sea wall shall incorporate four tidal exchange points (to allow sufficient tidal flushing).

(x)                Rubbish and large boulders on the bunds and at the landward region shall be removed.