Project Title : New World First Bus Permanent Depot at Chai Wan

Reference of the Approved EIA Report in the Register : AEIAR-029/2000
Conditions of Approval under Section 8(3) of the EIA Ordinance (the Ordinance)

Date of the Director's Decision : 25 January 2000

  1. The EIA report as exhibited under Section 7(1) of the Ordinance, shall be placed on the EIA Ordinance's Register as an approved EIA report.

  2. The recommendations of the approved EIA report shall be properly implemented.

  3. To deal with key project changes after the approval of the EIA report, the applicant or the person in charge of the project shall seek written agreement from the Director of the Environmental Protection (the Director) on those project changes that would affect the findings and recommendations of the approved EIA report, and shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Director that the environmental impacts of the project shall not be worse than the environmental impacts described in the approved EIA report, with equivalent or additional measures. Such information shall be available to the public, as directed by the Director.

  4. The applicant shall fully implement all the recommended mitigation measures in Section 8.10 of the approved EIA report to minimize risk, and deposit an Emergency Plan to the Director prior to the operation of the proposed bus depot. The Emergency Plan shall be made available to the public as directed by the Director.

  5. The applicant shall, taking into account public comments forwarded to the Director during the period of public inspection of the EIA report under the Ordinance, deposit a detailed Waste Management Plan to the Director to further minimize any environmental nuisances or impacts and implement the Plan. The Plan shall include the recommended mitigation measures in Section 6.7 of the approved EIA Report and have sufficient stringent proactive controls to avoid adverse environmental impacts to residents, such as Heng Fa Chuen and Tsui Wan Estate in the vicinity. The Waste Management Plan shall be made available to the public as directed by the Director.

  6. The applicant shall devise an enhanced environmental and audit (EM&A) programme that closely monitors the environmental impacts and includes sufficient proactive checks to avoid adverse environmental impacts, and shall submit the enhanced programme to the Director for approval. In particular, the enhanced EM&A programme shall include an operational traffic noise monitoring plan for the purpose of validating the accuracy of traffic noise predictions, due to the bus movement, in the approved EIA report when the proposed bus depot is in operation. The applicant shall implement the enhanced EM&A programme and make it available to the public as directed by the Director.

  7. The approval of the EIA report shall not remove any person's responsibility to comply with other legislation or to obtain other government approvals.

Environmental Protection Department
January 2000