Project Title: Northshore Lantau Development Feasibility Study

Reference of the Approved EIA Report in the Register: AEIAR-031/2000
Conditions of Approval under Section 8(3) of the EIA Ordinance (the Ordinance)

Date of Director's Decision : 28 April 2000

  1. The EIA report as exhibited under Section 7(1) of the Ordinance, shall be placed on the EIA Ordinance's Register as an approved EIA report.

  2. The recommendations of the approved EIA report shall be fully and properly implemented.

  3. To deal with key project changes after the approval of the EIA report, the applicant or the person in charge of the project shall seek written agreement from the Director of the Environmental Protection (the Director) on those project changes that would affect the findings and recommendations of the approved EIA report, and shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Director that the environmental impacts of the project shall not be worse than the environmental impacts described in the approved EIA report, with equivalent or additional measures. Such information shall be made available to the public, as directed by the Director.

  4. The section of Chok Kok Wan Link Road between Route 10 Toll Plaza and Pai Tau Kwu shall be designed and constructed on embankment to preserve the existing natural coastline subject to the water quality issue to be resolved to the satisfaction of the Director. The detailed design with an assessment of the water quality impacts shall be submitted to the Director for agreement and presented to the EIA subcommittee of the Advisory Council on the Environment for consultation.

  5. The proposed walking trails in Tsing Chau Tsai headland shall be built at least 50 meters from Mong Tung Hang.

  6. Mitigation measures including the setting up of a 500m radius exclusion zone and the use of bubble curtain surrounding the piling barge and works area shall be implemented whenever there are underwater piling works.

  7. As recommended in the approved EIA report, individual designated projects as described in Table 2.6a, Section 2.6.2 and Section 2.6.5 of the approved EIA report shall be subject to separate detailed EIA studies under the EIA Ordinance.

  8. The approval of the EIA report shall not remove any person's responsibility to comply with other legislation or to obtain other government approvals.

Environmental Protection Department
April 2000