Alphabetical Search for Project Document
1 1,800MW Gas-fired Power Station at Lamma Extension
2 10 year Extended Landslip Preventive Measures Project, Phase 2, Package A - Lantau Island, Investigation, Design and Supervision of Landslip Preventive Works on Government Slopes
3 132kV Overhead Line from Tsuen Wan to Sham Tseng
4 132kV Overhead Pole Line and Underground Cable from the Existing Po Lam Substation to the Existing Tui Min Hoi - Circuit No. 2
5 132kV Overhead Pole Line and Underground cables from Tung Chung Town Substation to Cheung Sha Substation
6 132kV Overhead Pole Line and Underground Cables from Tung Chung Town Substation to Cheung Sha Wan Substation
7 132kV Supply Circuit from Pui O via Chi Ma Wan Peninsula via Sea Crossing towards Cheung Chau
8 40,000 Ton Lifting Capacity Floating Dock Yam O, North Lantau
9 Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau and Pok Fu Lan Sewerage - Stage 2
10 Additional Treatment & Water Transfer Facilities for the Metropolitan Area & North-eastern New Territories Investigation Study
11 Agreement No. CE 73/98 Widening of Tolo Highway / Fanlinf between Island House and Fanling Highway Investigation and Preliminary Design
12 Aldrich Bay Reclamation - Engineering Works
13 Animal Cremator
14 Artificial Reef Deployment in Outer Long Harbour and East Tap Mun
15 Artificial Reef Deployment in Outer Port Shelter
16 Artificial Reef Deployment in Outer Port Shelter
17 Asbestos Abatement Work in Cheoy Lee Shipyard at Penny's Bay
18 Au Tau Sewage Pumping Station
19 Aviation Fuel Supply system : Tsing Yi pipeline to CLK Airport
20 Backfilling Marine Borrow Areas at East Tung Lung Chau
21 Backfilling of South Tsing Yi and North of Lantau MBAs
22 Belcher Bay Link : Kennedy Town Traffic Management Measure Stage 3
23 Belcher's Bay Link
24 C2C Cable Network - Hong Kong Section (Chung Hom Kok)
25 Cable Landing Work in Deep Water Bay for SEA-ME-WE 3 Fibre Optic Submarine Cable System
26 Castle Peak Road Improvement between Area 2 and Ka Loon Tsuen, Tsuen Wan, Construction of Reclamation West of Tsing Lung Tau
27 Castle Peak Road Improvement between Sham Tseng and Ka Koon Tsuen, Tsuen Wan : Construction of Reclamation and Associated Seawall at Sham Tseng West
28 Castle Peak Road Improvement between Sham Tseng and Ka Koon Tsuen, Tsuen Wan : Construction of Reclamation and Associated Seawall at Tsing Lung Tau
29 Castle Peak Road Improvement between Ting Kau and Sham Tseng : Construction of Reclamation and Associated Seawall at Sham Tseng East
30 Central & Wan Chai Reclamation Development – Central Reclamation Phase 1
31 Central and Wan Chai Reclamation Development – Central Reclamation, Phase II Contract No. HK 4/94
32 Central and Wan Chai Reclamation Development Focussed Study for the Proposed Extension to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Stage 2
33 Central Kowloon Route - Design & Construction Assessment
34 Central Kowloon Route Study
35 Central Reclamation Phase III - Studies, Site Investigation, Design and Construciton
36 Central, Western & Wan Chai West Sewerage Revised Final Environmental Impact Assessment & Revised Final EM & A Manual
37 Centralised Incineration Facility for Special Waste-Phase II; Additional Works - Proposed Animal cremator in Area 38
38 Centralised Incineration Facility for Special Wastes : Vol 2
39 Central-Wanchai Bypass & Island Eastern Corridor Link
40 Chai Wan Road/Wing Tai Road Widening
41 Choi Hung Road Widening Feasibility Study
42 Clinical Waste Disposal at Chemical Waste Treatment Centre
43 Comprehensive Feasibility Study for the revised scheme South East Kowloon Development
44 Construction and Operation of temporary bus depot at Area 85 Tseung Kwan O
45 Construction of an International Theme Park in Penny's Bay of North Lantau together with its Essential Associated Infrastructures
46 Construction of Lung Kwu Chau Jetty
47 Construction of Pier at Angler's Beach, Sham Tseng
48 Construction of Roads and Drains to Serve the Housing Development in Area 56, Tuen Mun
49 Cyberport Development - Site Formation by Rock Blasting for Construction of Southern Access Road
50 Decomissiong of Cheoy Lee Shipyard at Penny's Bay
51 Deep Bay Link
52 Demolition of Builidings and Structures in the Proposed of Kennedy Town Comprehensive Development Area Site
53 Demolition of Kwai Chung Incineration Plant
54 Demolition of Tsing Yi Power Station - Non-Blasting Option, EIA
55 Design and Construction of Justice Drive Extension
56 Design and Construction of Smithfield Extension
57 Design and Construction of Wong Chuk Hang Road Flyover and Associated Road Widening
58 Development at Mount Butler Quarry Site
59 Discovery Bay Development Master Plan 6.0 (A), Discovery Bay North
60 Discovery Bay Development Master Plan 6.0 (A), Road and Tunnel Link
61 Disposal of Contaminated Mud in the East Sha Chau Marine Borrow Pit
62 Drainage Improvement in Northern Hong Kong Island - Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel
63 Drainage Improvement in Sha Tin & Tai Po
64 Drainage Improvement in Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi - Tsuen Wan Drainage Tunnel
65 Dredging an Area of Kellett Bank for Reprovisioning of Six Government Mooring Buoys
66 Dredging of Anchorage Area for Stonecutters Island Naval Base
67 Dredging Works for Cruiser Operation in North Point
68 Dualling of Hiram’s Highway between Clear Water Bay Road and Marina Cove and Improvements to Local Access to Ho Chung - Environmental Impact Assessment
69 East Asia Crossing (EAC) Cable System (TKO)
70 East Asia Crossing (EAC) System
71 East Lamma Channel Borrow Area
72 East Rail Extension - Tai Wai to Ma On Shan
73 East Rail Extensions - Hung Hom to Tsim Sha Tsui
74 EIA of the Proposed 6000 MW Thermal Power Station at Black Point: Initial Assessment (Volume 1, 2 & 3)and Key Issue Assessment
75 Engineering Infrastructure on Hung Hom Bay Reclamation and underpass along Hung Hom South Road
76 Environmental Impact Assessment and Traffic Impact Assessment, Flyover at Tai Chung Kiu Road/Siu Lek Yuen Road
77 Environmental Impact Assessment of Units L7 & L8 Lamma Power Station
78 Essential Public Infrastructure Works associated with West Rail Stations (Eastern Access Road)
79 Essential Public Infrastructure Works associated with West Rail Stations in Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun Centre
80 Essential Public Infrastructure Works for Sham Shiu Po Section in association of West Rail Phase I a) Construction of Road P1 Southbound; b) Widening of Road P1 Northbound; and c) Improvement Works and Road Reconstruction Works at Sham Wong Road
81 Expansion of Kiosks and Other Facilities at Lok Ma Chau Border Crossing
82 Extension of Hebe Haven Yacht Club Development - Phase 2
83 Extension of Kwai Chung Crematorium
84 Extension of Pier at Lo Tik Wan, North Lamma
86 Extension Project for the Existing Tseung Kwan O 400kV Substation
87 Extension to TYTL 108RP Proposed Reclamation and Relocation of United Floating Dock to Tsing Yi
88 Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for Tseung Kwan O Extension Quarry Bay Congestion Relief Works
89 Feasibility Study for Castle Peak Road Improvements between Area 2 and Ka Loon Tsuen
90 Feasibility Study for Housing Development at Whitehead Lee On in Ma On Shan, Shan Tin
91 Feasibility Study for Intensification and Extension of Tseung Kwan O New Town
92 Feasibility Study for South East Kowloon Development
93 Feasibility Study for Tseung Kwan O Port Development at Area 131
94 Feasibility Study of Waste-to-Energy Incineration Facilities
95 Feasibility Study on the Alternative Alignment for the Western Coast Road, Tseung Kwan O
96 Felling of Five Power Station Chimneys at Tsing Yi Power Station
97 Fill Bank at Tseung Kwan O
98 FLAG North Asian Loop (FNAL)
99 Flyover and aadjoining between Yuen Long On Ning Road and Kau Yuk Road
100 Flyover and footbridge Schemes at junction of Austin Road, Chatham Road and Cheong Wan Road - Feasibility Study
101 Flyover at Junction of Che Kung Miu Road/ Hung Mui Kuk Road
102 Footbridge & Improvement to Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road and Ap Lei Chau Drive
103 Foothills Bypass, Tuen Mun Road/Wong Chu Road Interchange and Other Road Junction Improvement Works
104 Formation and Servicing In Area 36, Fanling Environmental, Traffic and Drainage Impact Assessment
105 Green Island Development - Dredging Study for New Fairway and reprovisioning of Mooring Buoys;
106 Green Island Development - Engineering Investigation And Planning Review Study
107 Green Island Development - Studies on Ecological, Water Quality and Marine Traffic Impacts
108 Green Island Reclamation (Part) Public Dump
109 Green Island Reclamation Feasibility Study
110 HAECO Aircraft Engine Test Cell Facility at Tseung Kwan O
111 HAECO/HAESL Facilities at Tseung Kwan O
112 Highway between Shap Pat Heung Interchange and Pok Oi Interchange - Pok Oi Flyover and Remaining Works
113 Hiram's Highway Improvement between Nam Wai and Ho Chung and Upgrading of Local Access Roads
114 Hong Kong Cement/Concrete Batching Plant and Material Storage Facilities at North-West Tsing Yi Island
115 Hong Kong Chemical Waste Treatment Facilities
116 Hong Kong Space Island
117 Hung Hom Bypass and Princess Margaret Road Link Environmental Assessment Study
118 Improvement to Castle Peak Road between Ka Loon Tsuen and Siu Lam
119 Improvement to Castle Peak Road from Siu Lam to So Kwun Tan Noise Impact Assessment
120 Improvement to Kam Tin Road, Stage 1
121 Improvement to Kam Tin Road: Section between the Eastern Roundabout of the Proposed Kam Tin Bypass and the Route Twisk Roundabout
122 Improvement to the Stream Course at Pui O
123 Improvement to Tung Chung Road between Lung Tseng Tau and Cheung Sha
124 IMT Dredging Works
125 Infrastructual Works for Housing Development at Telegraph Bay
126 In-house Wastewater Treatment Facilities for Wastewater collected from Oil Interceptors of Retail stations
127 Installation of Mobile Phone Base Station at Bride's Pool Road within Pat Sin Leng Country Park.
128 Installation of Radio Base Station at Kei Ling Ha (Sai Sha Road), Sai Kung
129 Investigation and Preliminary Design of Route 7- Section between Kennedy Town and Aberdeen
130 Investigation of Improvements to Island Eastern Corridor Section between North Point Interchange and Sai Wan Ho
131 Island East Transfer Station
132 Island West Transfer Station Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (Final)
133 ISO85-Construction of Pier at Luk Chau Tsuen Lamma Island
134 Kai Tak Airport North Apron Decommissioning
135 Kam Tin Bypass Design and Construction Consultancy
136 Karting Mall at Kai Tak
137 Kau Sai Chau Development
138 Kennedy Road Improvements and Queen's Lines Link
139 Kowloon Point Development Feasibility Study
140 Lamma Power Station - Repowering of Unit 5
141 Lamma Power Station Conversion of Two Existing Gas Turbines into a Combined Cycle Unit
142 Lamma Power Station Navigation Channel Improvement
143 Lamma Quarry; Casting Basin & Moderate Quarry Extension
144 Lantau and Airport Railway
145 Lantau Fixed Crossing
146 Lantau North-South Road Link between Tai Ho Wan and Mui Wo
147 Lantau Port & Western Harbour Development Studies
148 Lantau Port Development - Stage 1 Container Terminals No. 10 & 11 Ancillary Works (Design)
149 Lantau Port Development – Stage 1 Reclamation for Shipyard at To Kau Wan North Lantau
150 Lantau Port Development – Stage 1 Reclamation for Shipyard at To Kau Wan North Lantau Operational Phase
151 Lantau Port Development Stage 1 Container Terminals 10 and 11 Preliminary Design Study
152 Lantau Port Development Stage 1, Design of Reclamation and Edge Structures for CT10 and 11 and Back-up Areas
153 Lau Fau Shan Development - Package 4
154 Laying a Second 132kV Submarine Cable Transmission Link from Lau Fau Shan to Shekou
155 Lei Yue Mun Road underpass Modification at Junction with Yau Tong Road and Associated Improvement Work s - Feasibility Study
156 Lei Yuen Mun Road Underpass Roundabout at Junction With Yau Tong Road and Associated Improvement Works
157 Light Rail Transit (LRT) Extension in Tin Shui Wai Reserve Zone and Grade Separation of the LRT with Pui To Road and Tsing Lun Road in Tuen Mun
158 Local Improvement to Tung Chung Road at Pak Kung Au and near Cheung Sha
159 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility Consultancy Study
160 Lung Cheung Road and Ching Cheung Road Improvements
161 Lung Cheung Road Flyover Hammer Hill Road to New Clearwater Bay Road PWP Item 454TH
162 Main Drainage Channels and Poldered Village Protection Scheme for San Tin, NWNT
163 Main Drainage Channels for Fanling, Sheung Shui and Hinterland Environmental Impact Assessment
164 Main Drainage Channels for Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long and Kam Tin : EIA Study for Kam Tin Section (43CD) and Village Flood Protection Works (30 CD)
165 Main Drainage Channels for Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long and Kam Tin
166 Modifications to MTRC Tsim Sha Tsui Station
167 Natural Gas Supply to Black Point Power Station : Submarine Pipeline for Hong Kong Territory Waters, Gas Receiving Station and Related Facilities
168 New Airport Master Plan (NAMP)
169 New Explosive Complex at Kau Shat Wan – Environmental Impact Assessment
170 New Road from Man Kam To at N.T. Circular Road and Border Crossing Facilities Expansion
171 New T&T (Hong Kong) Limited Domestic Cable Route
172 New World First Bus Permanent Depot at Chai Wan
173 Ngong Ping Sewage Treatment Works and Sewerage
174 North & South Kowloon Sewerage Stage 1 - Hung Hom Bay Pumping Station
175 North Hong Kong Island Line (NIL)
176 North Island Line (NIL)
177 North Lantau Development Final Report & Appendices.North Lantau Development Topic Report TR18 - Environmental Impacts from Construction of the First Phase (Revised)
178 North Lantau Expressway Environmental Assessment Report - Tung Chung Section Final Report
179 North Lantau Refuse Transfer Station Consultancy Study
180 Northshore Lantau Development Feasibility Study
181 NWNT Refuse Transfer Station Study
182 Operational Phase Key Issues Assessment of CRPC South East Tsing Yi - Petroleum Terminal Tsing Yi Island - Hong Kong
183 Outlying Island Sewerage Stage 1 Phase 2 Sok Kwu Wan STW and Submarine Outfall
184 Outlying Islands Refuse Transfer Facilities at Sok Kwu Wan
185 Outlying Islands Sewerage Stage 1 Phase I, Ngong Ping Sewerage Scheme
186 Outlying Islands Sewerage Stage I Phase I Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Package B, C, D & E
187 Outlying Islands Sewerage Stage I Phase II - Peng Chau Village Sewerage Phase 1 Peng Chau Sewage Pumping Station Replacement
188 Pak Shek Kok Development
189 Pak Shek Kok Reclamation - Public Dump
190 Peng Chau Typhoon Shelter
191 Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility for Hong Kong International Airport
192 Permanent Site for Mid-Stream Operation at Stonecutter's Island
193 Ping Ha Road Improvement : Ha Tsuen Section EIA and DIA studies
194 Planning & Development Study of Potential Housing Site in Area 54 Tuen Mun N.T.
195 Planning & Development Study on Hong Kong Island South & Lamma Island
196 Planning and Development on North West New Territories
197 Planning and Development Review of the Harbour Centre in Area 27, Tuen Mun
198 Planning and Development Study of Potential Housing Site near Area 1, Tuen Mun
199 Planning and Development Study on North East New Territories
200 Planning and Engineering Feasibility study for Development at Anderson Road
201 Planning and Engineering Feasibility Study for Development near Choi Wan Road & Jordan Valley
202 Planning and Engineering Feasibility Study for Development near Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley
203 Planning and Engineering Feasibility Study for Development on Sham Tseng Future Reclamation
204 Port Shelter Sewerage, Stage 2 Phase 4 Tai Chung Hau & Pak Sha Wan Sewerage
205 Port Shelter Sewerage, Stage 3 Tseng Lan Shue Sewerage
206 Proposal Extension of Public Golf Course at Kau Sai Chau
207 Proposal to establish one temporary wind monitoring station on Lamma Island for evaluating wind power as a renewable energy source
208 Proposed Aviation Fuel Receiving Facility at Sha Chau
209 Proposed Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Market Complex Phase II
210 Proposed Citybus Headquarters and Bus Maintenance Depot in Chai Wan
211 Proposed Development at Fung Lok Wai, Yuen Long at Lot 1457 R.P. in DD123
212 Proposed Flyover (Road 3/2) Access Castle Peak Road & Sha Tsui Road
213 Proposed Helipad at the China Light and Power Co. Ltd. Shatin Central Warehouse
214 Proposed Installation of Integrated Mobile Phone Base Station at Ma On Shan Country Park
215 Proposed Installation of Integrated Mobile Phone Base Stations at Shing Mun Country Park
216 Proposed Joint User Complex to Whole Fish Market at Area 44 Tuen Mun
217 Proposed pontoon system Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club at Shelter Cove Lot. No. 341 DD212 Sai Kung
218 Proposed Recreational Facilities at Area 19 & 45, Tuen Mun
219 Proposed RMC Concrete batching plant at Telegraph Bay for Cyberport development
220 Proposed Road A connecting Sin Fat Road and Cha Kwo Ling Road at Cha Kwo Ling
221 Proposed Roads D1, D8 and D10 and Associated Junctions in Tseung Kwan O
222 Proposed Shuen Wan Landfill Golf Course - Environmental Impact Assessment
223 Proposed Temporary Bus Depot at Tseung Kwan O (TKO), Area 85
224 Proposed Temporary Vegetable Market at Nam Sang Wai Road, Au Tau, Yuen Long
225 Proposed Western Harbour Submarine Pipeline and Associated Stations
226 Provision of a Temporary Helipad at Tea Garden, Ngong Ping for the Tung Chung Cable Car Project
227 Public Roads at Tiu Keng Leng
228 PWP item 4272DS - Port Shelter Sewerage - Village Sewerage at Wong Chuk Wan & Environs to Sai Kung
229 Railway Development Study Phase II (Part 1) Tai Wai to Ma On Shan KCR Extension to Tsim Sha Tsui Environmental Feasibility Studies
230 Reclamation & Servicing of Tuen Mun Area 38 for Special Industries
231 Reclamation and Servicing of Tuen Mun Area 38 for Special Industries - Improvement to Roads and Junctions within Tuen Mun
232 Reclamation of Sai Wan Typhoon Shelter and Associated Engineering Works at Cheung Chau
233 Reclamation Works for District Open Space and GIC Facilities in North Tsing Yi
234 Reconstruction of Pak Sha Wan public pier Sai Kung
235 Remaining Development in Tung Chung and Tai Ho - Comprehensive Feasibility Study - Environmental Impact Assessment
236 Removal of Sediment in Lo Tik Wan, Sok Kwu Wan and Cheung Sha Wan Fish Culture Zones
237 Removal of Sediment in Sham Wan and Kau Sai Fish Culture Zones
238 Removal of Temporary Rock Bund from Existing Seabed at Ha Pak Nai
239 Replacement of Cremators at Fu Shan Crematorium in Shatin
240 Reprovisioning of Diamond Hill Crematorium
241 Restoration of North-West New Territories Landfills
242 Road Widening of Hing Wah Street
243 Rock Hill Street Extension
244 Route 10 - Hong Kong Lantau Link - Environmental Impact Assessment
245 Route 10 - North Lantau to Yuen Long Highway Investigation and Preliminary Design (Southern Section)
246 Route 16 Investigation Assignment
247 Route 3 Country Park Section and Ting Kau Bridge – Preliminary Design Stage 2 - Tai Lam Tunnel & Yuen Long Approach Road
248 Route 3 Country Park Section and Ting Kau Bridge – Preliminary Design Stage 2 Country Park Section – Ting Kau Bridge
249 Route 3 Tai Lam Tunnel & Yuen Long Approach - Southern SectionThe Main Line Conveyor System
250 Route 3 Tai Lam Tunnel & Yuen Long Approach Northern Section
251 Route 5 Section Between Shek Wai Kok and Chai Wan Kok
252 Route 9 between Tsing Yi and Cheung Sha Wan
253 Route16 Investigation Assignment - Alternative Alignment Study Route 9 between Cheung Sha Wan & Shatin - Main Portion
254 RPIS Minor Rural Improvement Works Package 5, SK-076 Improvement of Lung Mei Tsuen Road, Sai Kung
255 Rural Drainage Rehabilitation Scheme Stage 2 Phase 3 - Mo Fan Heung Stream Rehabilitation
256 Sai Kung Area 4 Sewage Pumping Station
257 Sai Kung Sewerage Treatment Works, Phase II Upgrading
258 Sai Sha Road widening between Kam Ying Road and Proposed Road T7 junction.- Environmental Impact Assessment
259 Salisbury Road Underpass and Associated Improvement Works including Middle Road Circulation System
260 San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Limited Proposed Brewery at Yuen Long
261 Sand Extension and Backfilling of Borrow Pits at the Potential Eastern Waters Marine Borrow Area
262 Sewage Pumping Station at Tung Tau Industrial Area, Yuen Long (for PWP item 278CL - Kau Hui Development Phase 1, Engineering Works, Area 16, Yuen Long)
263 Sha Tin New Town - Stage II Trunk Road T3 (Tai Wai)
264 Sha Tin Newtown Stage II Road D15 Linking Lok Shun Path & Tai Po Road
265 Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works, Stage 3 Extension
266 Sha Tin Western Main Drainage Channel
267 Shek O Quarry Casting Basin
268 Shenzhen River Regulation Project Stage I
269 Shenzhen River Regulation Project Stage II
270 Shenzhen River Regulation Project Stage III
271 Shenzhen Western Corridor
272 Sheung Shui Slaughter House
273 Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau Spur Line
274 Shiu Wing Steel Mill Tuen Mun Area 38
275 Site Formation of Tin Shui Wai Reserve Zone Under Packages I & II (Final)
276 Siu Ho Wan Water Treatment Works Extension
277 Siu Lam Typhoon Shelter
278 SK-078 Reconstruction of Pier at Pak A, Sai Kung
279 South East Kowloon Development Kai Tak Airport - Early Development Package Phase 1
280 South East New Territories (SENT) Landfill
281 South– East Tsing Yi Port Development Planning and Engineering Feasibility Study for Container Terminal No. 9
282 Stage 1 EIA for a New Power Station: Stage 1
283 Stonecutter's Island South Shore Naval Facilities
284 Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme
285 Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme Stage 1 Principal Collection & Treatment System
286 Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme Stage III/IV
287 Submarine Cable Landing Installation at Tuen Mun for HGC Optical Fibre Submarine Cable System between Tuen Mun and Chek Lap Kok
288 Submarine Cable Landing Installation in Tong Fuk Lantau for Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN 2)Fibre Optic Submarine Cable System
289 Tai O Development Package 4 Stage II, Sheltered Boat Anchorage
290 Tai Po Development : Formation & Servicing of Area 12 (Part) & 39
291 Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works, Stage V
292 Tang Lung Chau Dangerous Goods Anchorage
293 Telecommunication Installation at Lot 591SA in DD 328, Tong Fuk, South Lantau Coast and the Associated Cable Landing Work in Tong Fuk, South Lantau for the North Asia Cable (NAC) Fibre Optic Submarine Cable System
294 Territory Land Drainage & Flood Control Strategy Study – Phase III Sedimentation Study Final Report - Task 6
295 Texaco Road Improvement between Texaco Road Interchange and Tsuen Tsing Interchange Environmental and Engineering Investigation
296 The Decommissioning of Underground Fuel Tanks at Tsuen Wan No. 1 Pumping Station
297 The Design and Construction of the Interchange at Pok Fu Lam Road and Sassoon Road Junction
298 The Management of Fuel Ash Originating From Power Generation – Ash Lagoon
299 The River Trade Terminal at Tuen Mun Area 38
300 Tin Shui Wai Development Engineering Investigations for Development of Area 3, 30 & 31 of the Development Zone and the Reserve Zone
301 Tin Shui Wai Phase 4 Rail Extension
302 Ting Kau and Sham Tseng Sewerage Scheme
303 Tolo Harbour Sewerage of Unsewered Areas Stage 1 Phase II
304 Tonggu Channel of Shenzhen Port
305 Towngas Lantau Link
306 Treatment and Disposal of Waterworks Sludge from Existing Water Treatment Works
307 Trunk Road T7 in Ma On Shan
308 Tseung Kwan O - Contract F : Improvement of P2 and interchange T1/P1/P2
309 Tseung Kwan O - Contract No. TK44/97 : Dualling of Hang Hau Road
310 Tseung Kwan O Contract No. TK42 Engineering Infrastructure in Tseung Kwan O Town Centre Central
311 Tseung Kwan O Development Contract No. TK 43/96 Widening and Improvements of Wan Po Road
312 Tseung Kwan O Development Improvements to Ying Yip Road and Silverstrand Beach Road at Junctions with Hang Hau Road and Clear Water Bay Road
313 Tseung Kwan O Development Phase 3 - Road P2 connecting Town Centre and Western Coast Road
314 Tseung Kwan O Development TKO Town Centre North - Roads, Bridge & Subways
315 Tseung Kwan O Extension Phase II
316 Tseung Kwan O Extension Phase II
317 Tseung Kwan O Roads D1, D8 and D10
318 Tsing Yi North Coastal Road Environmental Impact Assessment
319 Tsuen Wan Bay Further Reclamation, Area 35, Tsuen Wan -Engineering, Planning and Environmental Investigation
320 Tsuen Wan Road Upgrading
321 Tsung Pak Long Flood Protection Scheme Manual
322 Tuen Mun Sewerage - Eastern Coastal Sewerage Extension
323 Tung Chung-Ngong Ping Cable Car Project
324 Uploading and expansion of San Wai Sewage Treatment Works and Expansion of Ha Tsuen Pumping Station
325 Village Flood Protection for Yuen Long, Kam Tin and Ngau Tam Mei, NWNT - Stage II
326 Wan Chai East and North Point Sewerage
327 Wanchai Reclamation Phase II - Studies, Site Investigation, Deisgn and Construction
328 West Kowloon Corridor - Yau Ma Tei Section Phase II
329 West Kowloon Expressway
330 West Kowloon Reclamation – Construction Environmental Impact Assessment Report
331 West Kowloon Reclamation Contract No. WK30 Remaining Roadworks Stage 4; Link Road G & L
332 West Kowloon Reclamation Focused EIA on Roadworks
333 West Kowloon Refuse Transfer Station Study
334 West of Sulphur Channel Marine Borrow Area
335 West Rail - West Kowloon to Tuen Mun Centre
336 Western Harbour Crossing Study
337 Widening and Reconstruction of Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section)
338 Widening of Clearwater Bay Road to Tai Po Tsai Village, Sai Kung - Environmental Impact Assessment
339 Widening of Fo Tan Road and Related Improvement Measures in Fo Tan Investigation Assignment
340 Widening of T6 Bridge, Sha Tin
341 Widening of Tate's Carin Highway between Shek Mun Interchange & T6 Interchange
342 Widening of Tolo Highway and Traffic Surveillance and Information System Feasibility Assignment
343 Widening of Tolo Highway/Fanling Highway between Island House Interchange and Ma Liu Shui Interchange
344 Widening of Tung Chung Road Feasibility Study
345 Widening of Yeung Uk Road Between Tai Ho Road and Ma Tau Pa Road, Tsuen Wan
346 Widening of Yuen Long Highways between Lam Tei and Shap Pat Heung Interchange
347 Yau Tong Bay Development - Engineering Feasibility Study for the Comprehensive Development at Yau Tong Bay
348 Yau Tong Bay Development - Reclamation of Yau Tong Bay
349 Yuen Long – Tuen Mun Corridor, Engineering Works for Hung Shui Kiu
350 Yuen Long and Kam Tin Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Stage 1 Package 1A-1T and 1B-1T
351 Yuen Long and Kam Tin Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Stage 2
352 Yuen Long Bypass Floodway
353 Yuen Long South Development Engineering Works in Area 13 and 14, Yuen Long (PWP Items No. 27CG and 28CG)
354 Yuen Long South Sewage Pumping Station
355 Yuen Long, Kam Tin, Ngau Tam Mei and Tin Shui Wai Drainage Package Phase 1
356 Yung Shue Wan Development, Engineering Works, Phase 2