Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

Application Forms

Form 1 Application for Environmental Impact Assessment Study Brief
Before Submitting Your Application
Please read the "General Notes for Applications under the EIA Ordinance"

For Forms 1,2 and 3, please also read the guidance notes on "Advertising Requirements and Public Inspection of Documents"
Form 2 Application for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit
Form 3 Application for Approval of Environmental Impact Assessment Report
Form 4 Application for Environmental Permit
Form 5 Application for Variation of an Environmental Permit
Form 6 Application for Further Environmental Permit
Form 7 Surrender of Environmental Permit
The above files are published with Adobe AcrobatTM in Portable Document Format (PDF). They can be downloaded for viewing and printing by Acrobat 3.0 Reader. A Free version of the Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded at the Adobe Systems Incorporated website.



Last revision date: 18 April 2011