Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

EIA Ordinance

PART I Preliminary

  1. Short title and commencement
  2. Interpretation
  3. Application

PART II Environmental Impact Assessment

  1. Certain projects to be designated projects
  2. Application for brief or permission to apply directly for environmental permit
  3. Environmental impact assessment report
  4. Public inspection of reports
  5. Approval of environmental impact assessment report

PART III Environmental Permits

  1. Prohibition against carrying out designated project unless environmental permit has been issued, etc.
  2. Application for environmental permit
  3. Surrender of permit
  4. Issue of further environmental permit for a project
  5. Application for variation of an environmental permit
  6. Cancellation or variation of environmental permit by the Director

PART IV The Register

  1. The register

PART V Technical Memorandum

  1. Technical memorandum

PART VI Appeals

  1. Appeals
  2. Appeal Board panel
  3. Constitution of Appeal Board
  4. Supplementary provisions
  5. Case may be stated for Court of Appeal

PART VII Enforcement

  1. Authorized officers
  2. Powers of entry and inspection, etc.
  3. Cessation order
  4. Recovery of costs

PART VIII Offences

  1. Offences relating to environmental permit
  2. Offences in relation to enforcement
  3. Offence to disclose confidential information obtained officially
  4. Directors of body corporate liable in certain circumstances

PART IX Miscellaneous

  1. Exemptions
  2. Protection of Government and public officers
  3. Regulations
  4. Power of Director to set forms
  5. Service of notices
Schedule 1 Interpretation
Schedule 2 Designated projects requiring environmental permits
Schedule 3 Major designated projects requiring environmental impact assessment reports
Schedule 4 Matters that may be specified in environmental permit



Last revision date: 18 April 2011