Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

Technical Memorandum

Annex 3


Environmental Changes Effects Resulting from
Environmental Changes
  1. negative effects on the quality and/or quantity of the biophysical environment including
    • marine waters,
    • surface water,
    • groundwater,
    • soil,
    • land,
    • air,
    • marine bottom sediments

  2. emissions, discharges or releases to the environment, including
    • persistent and/or toxic chemicals,
    • sediments,
    • biological or microbial agents,
    • nutrients,
    • agricultural wastes,
    • domestic or industrial liquid/semi-solid/solid wastes,
    • electromagnetic field,
    • noise,
    • gaseous emissions, dust, odour,
    • thermal energy

  3. threats to, loss of, or damage to flora and fauna and/or their habitats including habitat fragmentation

  4. disruption of food webs

  5. negative effects on the health of biota including flora and fauna

  6. the removal of resource materials from the environment

  7. reduction in productivity of operations involved in primary or secondary production

  8. changes to existing landscapes

  9. obstruction of migration, or passage of wildlife

  10. negative effects on the protection of cultural heritage
  1. negative effects on human health, including increases in mortality or morbidity, and/or decreases in personal well-being

  2. disruptions to normal learning, sleeping, and communication activities

  3. reduction of the quality or quantity of recreational opportunities, amenities or perceived aesthetics

  4. loss of, or damage to commercial species or renewable or non-renewable resources

  5. foreclosure of future resource use or production

  6. reduction in biodiversity and/or extinction of species in the area/region concerned

  7. loss of or risk to human lives

  8. effects of deposits on materials, material corrosion and damage including nuisance and discomfort, reduction in visibility

  9. disruption to social activities

  10. temporary or permanent loss of recreational area

  11. acute and chronic toxicity effects on biota due to discharge of pollutants

  12. bioaccummulation and biomagnification of toxic substances in biota especially on commercial food supplies

  13. long term and short term change on population size of biota including mortality, reproduction, maturity and distribution

  14. temporal and spactial cumulative effect resulting from environmental changes