Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

Technical Memorandum

Annex 7


1. General

1.1 The criteria for assessing waste management implications are:

  1. provide adequate, environmentally acceptable waste handling, storage, collection, transfer, treatment and disposal facilities to deal with waste arising from the development;

  2. meet all the relevant requirements under the Waste Disposal Ordinance and its Regulations;

  3. provide proper handling, storage, collection and disposal of waste generated during construction phase in accordance with the requirements of the Waste Disposal Ordinance and the Dumping at Sea Ordinance;

  4. provide adequate facilities to facilitate waste reduction and explore beneficial use of waste generated, taking into account :

    • the quantity of waste arising;
    • the physical and chemical nature of the waste materials;
    • all practicable on site measures to render the waste acceptable for beneficial use;
    • the availability of outlets for beneficial use of the waste in Hong Kong;
    • the environmental effect in any waste reduction practice and additional handling of waste for beneficial use;

  5. explore alternatives which generate minimal amount of waste through design modifications and programming of works;

  6. for residential and community developments close to existing landfills, adequate safety and precautionary measures to avoid or minimise the risks due to landfill gas (LFG) migration or leachate contamination. In particular, for development or re-development that is within 250 m of the edge of waste, a landfill gas hazard assessment is typically required to assess the risk associated with LFG and, where necessary, design adequate precautionary / protection measures to render the proposed development as safe as reasonably practicable.