Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

Technical Memorandum

Annex 9


The following table is some general criteria that can be used for evaluation of fisheries impact of a proposed development:

Criteria Conditions under which the fisheries impacts of a proposed development would be rated higher.
Nature of impact Impacts are permanent, irreversible or long term.
Size of affected area The area of fisheries habitats, fishing grounds or aquaculture sites affected constitutes a high proportion of the total area of fisheries habitats, fishing grounds or aquaculture sites in Hong Kong.
Loss of fisheries
resources / production
The loss of fisheries resources / production (including capture fisheries and aquaculture production) constitutes a high proportion of total fisheries resources / production in Hong Kong.
Destruction and disturbance of nursery and spawning grounds Nursery and spawning grounds of commercially important species are disturbed or destroyed, affecting the recruitment of juveniles and hence the adult population in future.
Impact on fishing activity Large number of fishermen or fishing vessels with high dependence on the affected area (expressed as % time spent fishing in the area or % fishing income or fisheries production derived from the area) are affected.
Impact on aquaculture activity Large number of aquaculturists or aquaculture farms are affected.