Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

Technical Memorandum


2.1 Purpose of a Project Profile

    2.1.1 The purpose of the project profile is to enable the Director to determine:

      (a) the scope of the environmental issues associated with a designated project which shall be addressed in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) study, together with the technical and procedural requirements that the EIA study shall meet; or

      (b) whether the applicant can proceed directly to apply for an environmental permit.

2.2 Specified Information in Project Profile

2.2.1 A project profile shall contain the relevant specified information listed in Annex 1 or Annex 2. Annex 1 applies to project profile for designated projects, and Annex 2 applies to project profile for material changes to designated projects. In the case of specified information which is not applicable to the proposed project, the project profile shall contain an explicit statement to that effect. The descriptions and statements of applicability of the items should be sufficient for the Director to identify what issues are relevant and what matters the EIA study shall address.