Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

Technical Memorandum


9.1 The Director shall take the advice from the following authorities on the matters prescribed below:

Director of Agriculture and Fisheries on Nature conservation, ecological assessment,agriculture, animal and plant health, fisheries
Director of Planning on Visual and landscaping aspects
Director of Marine on Marine matters
Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services on Hazards associated with fuel gas dangerous goods, electromagnetic field
Director of Health on Human health matters
Director of Urban Services and Director of Regional Services on Collection of domestic waste and public cleansing
Director of Fire Services on Transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods
Secretary for Broadcasting, Culture and Sport on Antiquities and monuments
Director of Drainage Services on Drainage matters
Director of Civil Aviation on Civil aviation matters
Director of Water Supplies on Developments or works within water gathering grounds or in the vicinity of waterworks installations
Commissioner for Transport on Traffic and transport matters