Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
Bullet List of Study Briefs issued prior to the commencement of the Ordinance

EIA Study Briefs Issued

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Application No. Project Title Applicant Date of Issue
ESB-266/2013 Desalination Plant at Tseung Kwan O
Water Supplies Department

16 Jan 2014


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ESB-265/2013 Footbridge along Yuen Long Town Nullah between West Rail Long Ping Station and Kau Yuk Road and Related Nullah Modification Works

(*This study brief was superseded by ESB-278/2014.)
Highways Department

8 Nov 2013


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ESB-264/2013 Widening of Eastern Section of Lin Ma Hang Road between Tsung Yuen Ha and Lin Ma Hang
Highways Department

5 Nov 2013


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ESB-263/2013 Sewerage Works for Ha Fa Shan, Kiu Tau Village, Wang Lung and Ma Tong
Drainage Services Department

29 Aug 2013


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ESB-262/2013 Drainage Improvement Works in San Tin (Remaining Works)
Drainage Serivces Department

21 Jun 2013


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ESB-261/2013 Tai Shue Wan Development at Ocean Park
Ocean Park Corporation

13 Jun 2013


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ESB-260/2013 Improvement of Yuen Long Town Nullah (Town Centre Section)
Drainage Services Department

3 Apr 2013

Permission to apply directly for an environmental permit was not given on 3 Apr 2013.

In accordance with section 5(7)(a) of the Ordinance, an EIA Study Brief was issued.


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ESB-259/2013 Pyrolysis Plant at EcoPark
Hong Kong Telford Envirotech Group Limited

8 Apr 2013


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ESB-258/2013 Port Shelter Sewerage, Stage3 - Sewerage Works at Po Toi O
Drainage Services Department

2 Apr 2013


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ESB-257/2013 Site Formation and Associated Infrastructural Works for Development of Columbarium, Crematorium and Related Facilities at Sandy Ridge Cemetery
Civil Engineering and Development Department

26 Mar 2013


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ESB-256/2013 New Wang Tong River Bridge
Highways Department

11 Mar 2013


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