Technical Terms
Terms Meaning
iconDesignated Project
iconmeans a project listed in Schedule 2 or 3 or specified by the Secretary under section 4(4) as a designated project;
icon(a) means the components of the earth; and

(b) includes---

  • land, water, air and all layers of the atmosphere;

  • all organic and inorganic matter and living organisms; and

  • the interacting natural systems that include any of the things referred to in subparagraph (i) or (ii);
iconEnvironmental Impact
icon for a designated project, means---

(a) an on-site or off-site change that the project may cause in the environment;

(b) an effect of the change on---

  • the well being of people, flora, fauna and ecosystems;

  • physical and cultural heritage;

  • a structure, site or other thing that is of historical or archaeological significance;

(c) an on-site or off-site effect on any of the things referred to in paragraph (b) from activities carried on for the project;

(d) a change to the project that the environment may cause,

whether the change or effect occurs within or outside the site of the project;

iconMaterial Change
iconmeans a physical addition or alteration to a designated project which results in an adverse environmental impact as defined in the technical memorandum;
icon for a designated project---

(a) means the elimination, reduction or control of the adverse environmental impact of the project;

(b) includes restitution by replacement, restoration, compensation or other means for damage to the environment caused by the impact;

iconProject Profile
icon means the description of the project that complies with the requirements of the technical memorandum;
iconSite of Cultural Heritage
icon means an antiquity or monument, whether being a place, building, site or structure or a relic, as defined in the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance (Cap. 53) and any place, building, site, or structure or a relic identified by the Antiquities and Monuments Office to be of archaeological, historical or paleontological significance;
iconSite of Special Scientific Interest
icon means an area of land or water of special scientific interest by reason of its flora, fauna or geographical features identified by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and listed in the register of sites of special scientific interest maintained by the Planning Department;
iconTrunk Road
iconmeans a road connecting the main centres of population being a high capacity road with no frontage access or development, pedestrians segregation, widely spaced grade-separated junctions, and a 24 hour stopping restriction;