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Appendix XI

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Appendix C

Feedback from Provisional District Boards

PDB / its Sub-Committee Date / Time Comments & Discussions from Members

Southern PDB

  1. The feedback was encouraging. Members appreciated the EPD's initiative to keep PDBs updated rather than upon their request.
  2. An enquiry was made on how the information on various applications and the outcome of EIA studies could reach the locals.
  3. One member asked why there was a need for Schedule 2. He thought the Ordinance should catch ALL projects at the start, despite their size, and let go those small ones after an initial assessment.
Central & Western Env Comm
25/3, 2:30
  1. A member asked about our EIA Ordinance homepage and suggested that all public comments received should better be uploaded also onto the EIA Ordinance website so that others could know the concerns of the locals.
  2. Generally, there were demands for a closer dialogue between the government (proponent or EPD) with the local residents.
Sai Kung PDB
13/4, 9:30 A member commented that in light of the technical aspect of the EIA report, it was difficult to expect a layman to critically comment on the report. EPD should have the role to ensure that the submissions meet a good professional standard. It was viewed that EPD had a professional role to play rather than just a process co- ordinator.
Tuen Mun Env Comm
16/4, 2:30
  1. Members commented that the public might not know an EIA report under public consultation; and that it was not practical to demand the public to view the EIA Ordinance website actively. It was suggested to pass on the project information directly to those affected.
  2. Some members suggested that the consultation be particularly focussed on the affected locals.
  3. Members enquired about the content/conditions of an environmental permit and EPD's enforcement work for any non-compliance.
Eastern Env Comm
  1. Members pointed out that many polluting projects, e.g. blasting projects, were not included under the control of the EIA Ordinance.
  2. It was commented that monitoring of projects should be strengthened to ensure the effectiveness of the EIA Ordinance.
  3. Members asked how the population figure of 100,000 for Schedule 3 projects was established.
  4. Some further suggestions were put forward:
  • it would be preferable if PDB could be informed of to enable them to ask the proponent to make the presentation to the Board;
  • if there were comments on a project, the commenters should be invited to attend the Advisory Council on Environment;
  • besides an appeal mechanism for the applicant, a similar procedure for public was also suggested.
Islands PDB
26/4, 2:00
  1. A member asked if EPD had enough staff resources to deal with the additional workload due to the EIA Ordinance to avoid backlog of applications and thus delay of projects, and also asked if the Advisory Council on Environment consultation period of 60 days could be reduced to 30 days.
  2. Members opined that the EIA Ordinance should not increase the cost of small projects which might eventually increase the financial burden of residents.
Tai Po PDB
4/5, 9:30
  1. Members did not have any adverse comments.
  2. Members were suggested to provide their e-mail addresses, fax, etc., to enable releasing of the project information.
Wong Tai Sin Env Comm
4/5, 2:30
  1. The EIA Ordinance was supported and members suggested that the EIA Ordinance should be more publicized to promote more awareness.
  2. A member was concerned about the adequacy of enforcement of the EIA Ordinance.
  3. Members would like to see more projects have consultation with PDB or area committees.
  4. Members queried about the interaction of ISO 14000, and about the adequacy of staff resources.
  5. It was concluded that the enforcement of EIA Ordinance was supported and they suggested EPD to consider widening the coverage of the EIA Ordinance, shortening the application process time required, increasing the enforcement manpower, collecting advice from the public and the locals and, at the same time, monitoring the status of the enforcement.
Sha Tin Env Comm
6/5, 9:30
  1. A member suggested EPD to have some performance pledge in processing applications.
  2. Without knowing there were only a few no. of projects which had started works among the various applications, a member commented that the number of the site inspections was low as compared with the applications, and suggested us to contract out our works to increase the service quality. In fact, helicopter flights were also used to increase our site inspection capacity.
  3. A member commented that the project department might choose not to consult the PDB on their project as they were only advised to do so in the Planning, Environment and Lands Technical Circular 10/98.
  4. A member queried the deterrent effect of the EIA Ordinance, and suggested a stronger enforcement.

North Env Comm

11/5, 2:30 Members were very concerned about the Fung Shui and the graves of their ancestors and agreed with the work of Antiquities and Monuments Office and their involvement in the EIA process.
Wan Chai PDB
25/5, 2:30 Members were concerned about noise from construction works. No adverse comments were received.
Yuen Long Env Comm
27/5, 2:30 The list of designated projects required clearer definition, and EPD was asked for proper enforcement.
Kwai Tsing PDB
4/6, 2:30
  1. One member asked whether there were any prosecution cases since implementation.
  2. Members were concerned about apparently lacking enforcement action during the past one year.
  3. A member asked why the EIAO had not specified PDB consultation.

Sham Shui Po Env Comm

10/6, 2:00 Members expressed concern over the EIA process because of the West Rail works in Lai Chi Kok.
Kln City Env Comm
10/6, 2:30 The meeting expressed thanks to EPD for the initiative to debrief the members.
Kwun Tong Env Comm
  1. Members asked whether there were any control on housing projects.
  2. Members also asked if there is any appeal mechanism available.
  3. If the contractor changed the construction methodologies during construction stage, PDB members asked how the EP could control these changes.
  4. PDB members asked about the compatibility of planning arrangement of housing vs other developments.
Tsuen Wan Env Comm
6/7, 2:30
  1. Members appreciated that the EIA process applies to both public sector and private sector projects;
  2. Members were interested in the details of enforcement. After knowing the fine and imprisonment provision in the Ordinance, they consider that high fines would stop possible offence;
  3. A member queried whether the introduction of the EIA Ordinance was due to the change of environmental policy.
  4. A member was concerned about the quality of the EIA professionals.
  5. A member also asked how the Ordinance can deal with day to day project changes; with explanation on the allowance of material changes and variation applications by the Ordinance. The member agreed with the flexibility in the Ordinance.
Tsim Mong Env Comm
8/7, 2:30
  1. A member opined that this is a piece of good Ordinance and provides a good Yau opportunity for the public to be involved and wanted to know the application details since the first year's operation;
  2. Some members opined that the EIA Ordinance website should be a useful tool for information and suggested that should be extended to allow comment/complaints;
  3. A member was concerned how could he get to know when the projects start-off;
  4. A member worried too many applications would hinder the progress of public works as EPD may not have the manpower to handle all applications in time;
  5. A member queried about how the EIA Ordinance tie in with the Town Planning process.
  6. A member reminded EPD to treat public's comment with respect.
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