Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance, Cap. 499
Application for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit
Application No.: DIR-054/2001

Project Title: Installation of Mobile Phone Station at Bride's Pool Road within Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Date of the Director's Permission : 4 June 2001

Conditions Imposed under Section 5(12) of the Ordinance
For Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit

1. All measures described in the Project Profile submitted with your application of 26 April 2001, shall be fully implemented.

2. The wooded area surrounding the proposed equipment shelter location shall be cordoned off with special marking on the rare tree species to prevent any damage to the tree species during the construction works.

Under Section 17 of the EIA Ordinance, the applicant may appeal to the Appeal Board against any of the above conditions within 30 days of the receipt of this notice of the Director's decision.

Environmental Protection Department
June 2001