Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance, Cap.499
Application for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit
Application No.: DIR-062/2001

Project Title: Decommissioning of a Clinical Waste Incinerator at Pok Oi Hospital
as part of the Pok Oi Hospital Redevelopment and Expansion

Conditions Imposed under Sections 5(12) of the EIA Ordinance
for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit

1. All mitigation measures mentioned in the Project Profile (No.: 150/2001) submitted by the project proponent on 5 November 2001 should be fully implemented.

2. Prior to disposal at landfill, the proponent is required to provide the testing information of the incineration ash to EPD. The information shall include sampling method, location and number of samples taken, testing methods, analytical results of dioxin and heavy metal level in the ash. The quantities of the potential contaminated wastes to be disposed of should also be estimated.

3. The ash or incineration residues attaching to the incinerator and flue section of the incinerator should be removed by scabbling.

4. In case the testing results from condition no. (2) above indicate that the landfill disposal criteria cannot be met, the incineration ash, scabbled materials from the incinerator and the flue section of the incinerator as well as the filtered materials from the HEPA vacuum cleaner should be stabilized on-site and placed into polythene lined steel drums for disposal at landfill. Such materials should meet the Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP) limits, including dioxin and heavy metals, before disposal at landfill. The proponent shall submit the TCLP test results to EPD for vetting if the stabilization and disposal criteria are met. Disposal at the Chemical Waste Treatment Centre should be considered as a fallback option if the landfill disposal criteria cannot be met.

5. The pre-cleaned incinerator and flue section of the incinerator should be properly wrapped with polythene fire retardant sheets prior to disposal at landfill.

6. Wastes generated from the containment or decontamination unit, the fire retardant polythene sheets, protective clothing of the workers such as the coverall, nitrile glove, rubber boots and materials used for wet wiping should be disposed of at landfill.

Under Section 17 of the EIAO, the applicant may appeal to the Appeal Board the Director's decision within 30 days of receipt of this reply.

Environmental Protection Department
December 2001