Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance, Cap. 499

Application for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit

Application No : DIR-089/2003


Project Title: Temporary Trucking Scheme for MARPOL Waste

from Container Terminal No. 9 to Chemical Waste Treatment Centre


Conditions Imposed under Section 5(12) of the Ordinance

for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit


1.       The Applicant shall implement the following Measures during Operational stage of the Scheme:


(i)                      The ISO tanker loading and unloading station shall be sheltered and installed with collection drains and a sump pit in accordance with the Project Profile submitted for the application, Application No: DIR-089/2003 (hereinafter referred to as the Project Profile). This area shall be paved with an impermeable surface to prevent land contamination in the event of a spill.


(ii)                    The loading and unloading operations shall be undertaken under the supervision of the staff of the Chemical Waste Treatment Centre (CWTC). The Emergency Response Plan in Annex D of the Project Profile shall be implemented.  Within the sheltered loading/unloading area, spills shall be intercepted by the drainage system and collected in the sump pit. The contaminated wastewater shall be transferred by the ISO tankers to CWTC for treatment.


(iii)                   Prior approval from DEP shall be required if operation is to be carried out on a 24-hour basis.


(iv)                  The temporary road shall be a dedicated asphalt paved road.


(v)                    For loading and unloading of MARPOL Annex I (flammable), Annex II and chemical wastes, from the temporary reception area to the CWTC via the temporary road and a short section (about 500m) of the public road, the trucks shall comply with the standards of the existing CWTC chemical waste collection tankers or trucks.


(vi)                  For loading and unloading of MARPOL Annex I (other than MARPOL Annex I (flammable)) and Recycled Fuel Oil (RFO), from the temporary reception in the new Marine Basin (as shown in the Project Profile) to the CWTC, the trucks and containers shall be compatible to the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) container and can be carried by a standard 20 ft ISO tractor and trailer unit.


(vii)                 Temporary barriers, in the form of chain link fence, shall be provided at the sides of the temporary road to prevent the other authorised vehicles from running onto the temporary road while trucking of MARPOL wastes, RFO and/or chemical wastes is occurring. If any other vehicles, which do not belong to this Temporary Trucking Scheme, require using of the road, the trucking operation shall be temporarily suspended.


(viii)               Double valves shall be used for the inlet pipes. A ditch underlain with 2 layers of impermeable polythene sheet at the down-gradient side of the road with 300mm thick sand filled in shall be provided for entrapping the MARPOL in case of MARPOL spillage on the temporary road.


2.             All measures described in the Project Profile submitted for this application shall be fully implemented.








Under section 17 of the EIA Ordinance, the applicant may appeal to the Appeal Board against any of the above conditions within 30 days of the receipt of this notice of the Director’s decision.



Environmental Protection Department

September 2003