Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance, Cap.499

Application for Permission to Apply Directly for an Environmental Permit

Application No.: DIR-098/2004


Protect Title: Agreement No. CE 75/2001 (GE), 10 – Year Extended LPM Project, Phase 3, Package C, Kowloon and Northern New Territories, Landslip Preventive Works on Government Slopes and Related Studies

        Investigation, Design and Construction


Conditions Imposed under Section 5(12) of the EIA Ordinance

For Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit



1.                  All measures described in the Project Profile submitted by the Applicant on 9 June 2004 shall be fully implemented.


2.                  The applicant shall submit to the Director for approval at least 4 weeks before commencement of construction 3 sets of the proposal on mitigation measures for in-situ protection of the mature camphor trees and other species of conservation importance within the works area of the project. Any transplantation or other measures shall be justified in the submission.


3.                  The applicant shall submit to the Director for approval at least 4 weeks before commencement of works 3 sets of detailed monitoring programme for the bats recorded in area close to Feature No.3NE-C/C223. The proposal shall include the following information:


(i)                 information of the baseline survey and monitoring program;

(ii)                mitigation measures including constraints of construction activities & periods and other measures to reduce disturbance during the construction period;

(iii)              details of the bat-houses, for example, configuration of the bat-houses (ie. size and shape), locations of the bat-houses to be installed, schedule of the installation and preparation works required; and

(iv)              contingency measures if the above proposed mitigation measures are found to be infeasible or unsuccessful.


4.                  The application of sprayed concrete at Feature No. 3NE-C/C223 shall be kept to the minimum necessary to meet safety and engineering standards. The applicant shall submit to the Director for approval at least 4 weeks before commencement of construction 3 hardcopies and 1 electronic copy of landscape proposal for Feature No.3NE-C/C223. The landscape proposal shall include the locations, design details, implementation programme, maintenance and management schedules, and drawings at the scale of 1:200 or other appropriate scale showing the landscape and visual mitigation measures. The measures shall include landscape and compensatory planting and sensitive design of the engineering slopes, and demonstrate that the landscape and visual aspects of the project will be compatible with the existing natural environment.


5.                  Either chemical toilets or other types of sewage treatment facilities without local discharge of wastewater shall be used to handle the foul water effluent arising from the project sites.


6.                  Site hoarding of at least 2m high shall be erected along the site boundary of Feature No. 3NE-C/C223 to protect the adjacent declared monument Kang Yung Study Hall during construction.




Under Section 17 of the EIA Ordinance, the applicant may appeal to the Appeal Board against any of the above conditions within 30 days of the receipt of this notice of the Director’s decision.



Environmental Protection Department

July 2004