Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance, Cap. 499

Application for Permission to Apply Directly for Environment Permit

Application No. DIR-145/2006


Hill-top Transposer Station Expansion at Castle Peak, Kowloon Peak,

Cloudy Hill and Lamma Island


Conditions Imposed under section 5(12) of the Ordinance

for Permission to Apply Directly for Environmental Permit


1.        All measures as described in the Project Profile submitted with the application of 9 October 2006 shall be fully implemented.

2.        No haul road shall be constructed for the Project.

3.        No tree felling shall be carried out for the Project.

4.        All affected protected plant species shall be transplanted to a suitable area outside the works boundary.

5.        Steel fence shall be constructed around the tree Artocarpus hypargyreus at Lamma site before construction of the Lamma Transposer Station begins.

6.        Diesel storage on site shall not be more than 2,500 litres.

7.        Chemical toilet shall be provided during the construction stage.

8.        Temporary drains with silt traps shall be constructed at the boundaries of the sites prior to the commencement of any earthworks.

9.        Grease trap and perimeter drains shall be provided to retain any leakages of diesel/chemicals during both construction and operation stages.

10.    No earth, building materials, fuel, oil or toxic materials and other materials which may cause contamination are allowed to be stockpiled on site.

11.    On completion of the works, any construction plant which may cause pollution due to leakage of oil or fuel shall be removed from the sites immediately.




Under section 17 of the EIA Ordinance, the applicant may appeal to the Appeal Board against any of the above conditions within 30 days of the receipt of this notice of the Director’s decision



Environmental Protection Department

November 2006