Environmental Permit No. EP-138/2002


Appendix B (as referred to in Condition 4.8)


Water Quality Standards for the Artificial Lake of the Water Recreation Centre at Penny’s Bay

(Extract of Table 5.9h of the EIA Report (Register No.: AEIAR-032/2000)


Water Quality Parameter


(a)   Aesthetic appearance

·       no objectionable odours or discolouration of waters;

·       no tarry residues, floating wood, articles made of glass, plastic or rubber;

·       no visible mineral oil or lasting foam on the surface;

·       no recognisable sewage-derived debris;

·       no floating, submerged and semi-submerged objects of a size likely to cause interference with the free movement of vessels or cause damage to vessels; and

·       no objectionable deposits.

(b)   Bacteria

<180 cfu 100 mL-1 of E. coli, measured as geometric mean.

(c)   Dissolved oxygen

> 4 mg L-1

(d)   pH

Within the range of 6 - 9

(e)   Temperature

No discharges or human activities shall cause the natural daily temperature range to change by more than 2°C.

(f)    Salinity

No discharges or human activities shall cause the natural daily salinity range to change by more than 10%.

(g)   Suspended solids

< 25 mg L-1, measured as annual median.

(h)   Ammonia

< 0.021 mg L-1, as unionised form, calculated as annual average.

(i)    Nutrient

Not to be present in quantities sufficient to cause excessive or nuisance growth of algae or other aquatic plants.

(j)    5-day BOD

< 5 mg L-1

(k)   COD

<30 mg L-1

(l)    Dangerous substances

Not in a quantity sufficient to pose a risk to any beneficial uses of the aquatic environment.





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