Annex D


Measures to Mitigate Waste Impacts during Operation


To mitigate the environmental impact from waste, the following mitigation measures shall be implemented:


Site Cleaning

(a)        Daily supervised clean-up shall be carried out by each of the stall holder. The public areas of the market and the lorry parking areas should be cleaned daily by a cleaning contractor upon closing of the market. Any waste collected should be properly transferred to the refuse collection area.


Waste Handling, Storage, Collection and Disposal

(b)        Containers should be strategically located around the market to facilitate the collection of wastes. Stall holders should undertake the cleaning of waste from their stalls upon the close of the market by placing waste in these containers;


(c)        The containers should then be taken by the stall-holders to the proposed refuse collection area. These larger containers of waste should be emptied daily by a Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s refuse collection vehicle and transported to a solid waste transfer station or landfill for disposal at the close of each market day; and


(d)              The refuse collection area should be fully enclosed and comprise of a shed constructed with brick walls and a roof.