Environmental Permit No. EP-138/2002/B

環境許可證編號  EP-138/2002/B


Appendix A (as referred to in Condition 3.5)


Measures to Mitigate Environmental Impacts due to Site Run-off and Other Potential Water Pollution During Construction


(a)    Surface Runoff

(i)                  Surface run-off from the construction site shall be directed into adequately designed sand/silt removal facilities such as sand traps, silt traps and sediment basins before discharge into storm drains.  Channels, earth bunds or sand bag barriers shall be provided on site to properly direct stormwater to such silt removal facilities.

(ii)                Catchpits and perimeter channels shall be constructed in advance of site formation works and earthworks.

(iii)               Silt removal facilities, channels and manholes shall be suitably maintained with the deposited silt and grit being removed at least once a week, and at the onset of and after each rainstorm to ensure that these facilities are functioning properly at all times.

(iv)              Earthworks final surfaces shall be well compacted and the subsequent permanent work or surface protection shall be carried out immediately after the final surfaces are formed to prevent erosion caused by rainstorms. Appropriate intercepting channels shall be provided along the site boundary or at the locations agreed with the IEC or ET Leader. Rainwater pumped out from trenches or foundation excavations shall be discharged into storm drains via silt removal facilities.

(v)                Open stockpiles of construction materials (e.g. aggregates and sand) on site shall be covered with tarpaulin or similar fabric during rainstorms. Measures such as providing sand bag barriers shall be taken to prevent the washing away of construction materials, soil, silt or debris into any drainage system.

(vi)              Manholes (including any newly constructed ones) shall always be adequately covered and temporarily sealed so as to prevent silt, construction materials or debris from getting into the drainage system, and to prevent storm run-off from getting into foul sewers.  Discharges of surface run-off into foul sewers shall always be prevented in order not to unduly overload the foul sewerage system.


(b)        Groundwater

Groundwater pumped out of wells, etc. for the lowering of ground water level in foundation construction shall pass through appropriate silt removal facilities before discharge into storm drains.


(c)    General Construction Activities

At all parts of all works areas and construction sites, and throughout the full duration of the construction contract(s), debris and rubbish on site shall be handled and disposed of to avoid entering the water column and causing water quality impacts. Temporary on-site storage of excavated materials shall be covered with tarpaulin or similar fabric during rainstorms.  Any washout of construction or excavated materials should be diverted to the drainage system via sediment traps. Stockpiling of the excavated material can be minimised by scheduling the construction programme in a way that one section of the alignment can be constructed and completed before the excavation works of the next section commence.