Appendix B


Measures to Mitigate Environmental Impacts from Construction Noise During Construction


Throughout the construction period of the Project, mitigation measures for specific construction activities at specific locations shall be implemented in accordance with the Tables 4.4s to 4.4.z and Table 4.4aa of the EIA Report.  Corresponding mitigation measures for each construction activity to result in the lowest worst case maximum cumulative construction noise level indicated in the tables (right most column of the tables) shall be used.  Mitigation measures “M1”, “M2”, and “M3” in the table are defined as follows:


M1 – item a below;

M2 – items a + b below;

M3 – items a + b + c below, where items a, b, c are defined as:


(a)    Use of Quiet Plant and Working Methods


Throughout the full duration of the construction contract(s), models of plant that are quieter than those specified in the EPD’s “Technical Memorandum on Noise from Construction Work in Designated Areas” shall be used.


(b)   Temporary and Movable Noise Barriers


Throughout the full duration of the construction contract(s), movable barriers of 3 to 5 m height with a small cantilevered upper portion and skid footing shall be provided within a few metres of static plant (air compressor, water pump, generator, etc.) and within about 5 m of mobile equipment (excavators and mobile cranes, etc.) such that the line of sight is blocked by the barriers viewed from the noise sensitive receivers (NSRs). 


(c)    Reducing the Number of Plant Operating in Critical Areas Close to NSRs


The number of items of plant operating at the same time at the specified locations shall be minimized for each construction activity.