Appendix D


Measures to Mitigate Landscape and Visual Impacts During Construction



At all parts of all works areas and construction sites, and throughout the full duration of the construction contract(s), the following mitigation measures shall be implemented to minimise the landscape and visual impact of the construction works:


(i)            control of night time lighting;

(ii)          erection of decorative screen hoarding;

(iii)         advance planting for screening;

(iv)        minimising the height of temporary buildings;

(v)          careful positioning of construction plant;

(vi)        regular checks shall be carried out to ensure that the work site boundaries are not exceeded and that no damage is being caused to the surrounding areas;

(vii)       temporary construction sites shall be restored to standards as good as, or better than, the original condition;

(viii)     replanting of disturbed vegetation shall be undertaken and this shall use predominantly native plant species;

(ix)        topsoil shall be stripped and stored for re-use in the construction of the soft landscape works;

(x)          the locations of work sites associated with the proposed development shall be carefully selected to minimise the potential landscape and visual impacts of the proposed construction works; and

(xi)        the potential for soil erosion shall be reduced at construction stage by minimising the extent of vegetation disturbance on site and by providing a protective cover (e.g. plastic sheeting or a grass cover established by hydroseeding) over any exposed ground.