Appendix E


Measures to Mitigate Environmental Impacts from Runoff During Operation



(a)           along entire MOS alignment, a surface water drainage system shall be provided to collect track runoff.  Where oils and lubricating fluids could be spilt, the track drainage channels discharge shall pass through oil interceptors and sediment traps to remove oil, grease and sediment before being diverted to the public storm water system;


(b)          at stations, the depot and along the entire MOS alignment, silt traps, sediment basins and oil interceptors shall be designed to appropriate design standards, and whilst in use, regularly cleaned and maintained in good working order.  The efficiency of these installations is dependent on regular cleaning and maintenance;


(c)           at all areas with the potential for the generation of contaminated effluent long entire MOS alignment (particularly the depot), on-site drainage shall focus on areas where contaminated effluent may be generated and provide a clear segregation of clean and contaminated effluents; and


(d)          at stations, the depot and along the entire MOS alignment, oily contents of oil interceptors shall be collected for recycling, or transferred to an appropriate disposal facility.