Main Drainage Channels and Poldered Village Protection Scheme for San Tim
NWNT: Environmental Impact Assessment Study

Reference to the Application for Approval of EIA Report in the Register: AEIAR-031/1999
Condition of Approval under Section 8(3) of the EIA Ordinance

  1. The recommendations of the EIA report, as exhibited in accordance with Section 7(1) of the Ordinance, shall be properly implemented.

  2. To deal with key project changes after the approval of the EIA report, the applicant or the person in charge of the project shall seek written agreement from the Director on those project changes that would affect the findings and recommendations of the approved EIA report, and shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Director that the same environmental performances requirements in the approved EIA report can be met by equivalent or additional measures. Such information shall be made available to the public, as directed by the Director.

  3. The applicant shall liaise and negotiate with the Architectural Services Department on the integration of mitigating wetland for this project and the upgrading works of the Lok Ma Chau border crossing facilities.

  4. The approval of the EIA report is on the condition that the disturbance to the wetland shall be minimised by limiting the use of the side-ways leading to the access road of the San Tin Eastern Main Drainage Channel.

  5. The approval of the EIA Report is subject to the submission, within 6 months of this approval, of an Ecological Habitat Management Plan for the Director's agreement, or within any other time period as agreed with the Director.

  6. The approval of the EIA report shall not remove any person's responsibility to comply with other legislation or to obtain other government approvals.

Environmental Protection Department
September 1999