Project Title : Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility (PAFF)

for Hong Kong International Airport


Reference of the Approved EIA Report in the Register : AEIAR-107/2007

Conditions of Approval under Section 8(3) of the EIA Ordinance (the Ordinance)



The EIA Report as exhibited under Section 7(1) of the Ordinance is approved by the Director on the conditions that the following amendments shall be incorporated into the EIA report and the Executive Summary, and shall form part of the approved EIA Report :


1.                          To enhance transparency and communication with the public, the Applicant shall set up a Community Liaison Group and shall take a proactive approach to disseminate information to the local community. All relevant information of the PAFF project including the detailed design, progress of construction and operation and environmental monitoring and audit results shall be provided to the Community Liaison Group. The Applicant shall make the minutes of the Community Liaison Group meetings and all papers and documents available to the public through a website;


2.                          A design audit report shall be deposited with the Director before operation of the PAFF project confirming all design measures recommended in the EIA have been properly implemented;


3.                          A design review report shall be submitted to the Director for approval before commencement of construction of the PAFF second phase development (last 4 tanks), demonstrating that the design will comply with all prevailing environmental standards and requirements; and


4.                          The set of further information submitted by the Applicant on 2 May 2007 under Section 8(1) of the Ordinance shall form part of the approved EIA report, and shall be placed on the Ordinance Register and the Ordinance website (




Environmental Protection Department

May 2007