Project Title: South East New Territories (SENT) Landfill Extension



Reference of the Approved EIA Report in the Register: AEIAR-117/2008)

Conditions of Approval under Section 8(3) of the EIA Ordinance (the Ordinance)


The EIA Report as exhibited under Section 7(1) of the Ordinance is approved by the Director of the Environmental Protection with following conditions:-


1. The applicant shall set up a community liaison group comprising representatives of potential sensitive receivers before commencement of operation of the SENT Landfill Extension to deal with and manage the potential odour problem;


2. No sewage sludge shall be disposed of at the SENT Landfill Extension; and


3. A coherent restoration and ecological enhancement plan for the SENT Landfill Extension site shall be submitted to the Director for approval before commencement of operation of the SENT Landfill Extension.




Environmental Protection Department

May 2008