Route 16 Investigation Assignment from West Kowloon to Sha Tin

Environmental Impact Assessment Report

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Project Description
  3. Air Quality
  4. Noise Impact
  5. Waste Management
  6. Water Quality
  7. Ecology
  8. Hazard
  9. Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  10. Cultural Heritage
  11. Environmental Montoring & Audit Requirement
  12. Overall Conclusions

Annex 3A - Sample CALINE4 Output File
Annex 4A - Plant Inventory
Annex 4B - Detailed Calculations of Construction Noise
Annex 4C - Road Traffic Modelling Results
Annex 6A - Water Quality Objectives
Annex 7A - Lists of Flora and Fauna
Annex 8A - Route 16 Tunnel Ventilation Details
Annex 8B - Details of Risk Calculations
Annex 8C - Summary of Modelling Assumptions

EM &A Manual

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Air Quality
  3. Noise
  4. Water Quality
  5. Waste Management
  6. Ecology and Cultural Heritage
  7. Environmental Audit
  8. Reporting

Annex A1 - Environmental Sensitive Receivers
Annex A2 - Implementation Schedule of Mitigation Measures and Key EM&A Requirements
Annex A3 - Implementation Status Proforma
Annex A4 - TSP Monitoring Data Sheet
Annex A5 - Construction Noise Monitoring Field Record Sheet
Annex A6 - Operational Noise Monitoring Field Record Sheet
Annex A7 - Site Inspection Proforma
Annex A8 - Proactive Environmental Protection Proforma
Annex A9 - Complaint Response Procedures - Action Flow Chart
Annex A10 - Regulatory Compliance Proforma
Annex A11 - Complaint Log
Annex A12 - Incident Report on Action Level or Limit Level Non-Compliances