Environmental Outcome Profile


The Project


Total Project Cost :~100M                                                    Cost of Environmental Component (EIA) Study), (Mitigation Measures)

Road works = ~2 Km                                                            HK$1,905,800

Railway =N/A                       

Reclamation / dredging =N/A 

Power station =N/A              

Drainage work =N/A             

Development Study = 6 ha

Others : N/A


EIAO Application Reference :


An application Reference (No. ESB-048/2000) for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study Brief under section 5(1) of the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance was submitted with a Project Profile (No. PP-078/2000).


Key Outcomes :


Population Protected :

During construction stage, only Mei Foo Sun Chuen would be existed. The dwellings exposed to the project boundary is approximate 400 dwellings. 240 out of the 400 dwellings would be affected by cumulative construction noise. After implementing mitigation measures such as the use of quiet plant and the adoption of regular noise monitoring during construction phase, there is a substantial population approximately 240 dwellings being protected.


Without any form of noise mitigation during operational phase, it is estimated that approximately 1415 dwellings and 30 classrooms would be subject to exceedances of the road traffic noise criteria.  However, it has been demonstrated that all dwellings and classrooms would be primarily affected by Route 9, Route 16 and West Kowloon Expressway and none of the dwellings and classrooms would be affected by Link Roads G & L. Specifically, the relative contribution from Link Roads G & L to the overall noise level is less than 1.0 dB(A) for the worse case situation as demonstrated by modelling techniques.


Problem Avoided :

Since only a small noise contribution of less than 1dB(A) is predicted due to the operation of Link Roads G & L, thus noise mitigation is unlikely to be proposed. Inclusion of noise barriers on Link Roads G & L would reduce the sightline which would affect driver safety. The provision of these roads also reduces the loadings on the link roads within the area thereby reducing noise and congestion problems.


Environmentally Friendly Designs :

The environmentally friendly designs being considered in the implementation of Link Roads G & L in which the measures will minimize the impact on the receiving environment as follows:


·          Mitigation measures and monitoring and audit programmes are recommended for the construction phase for noise, dust and wastes management to ensure that the dwellings at Mei Foo Sun Chuen are protected from adverse environmental impacts. 


·          Operational phase monitoring is proposed for one year following the opening of Link Roads G & L to confirm the predictions of the noise modelling.


·          Noise and air quality problems experienced at the sensitive receivers are shown by the model to be due to the traffic on existing or planned roads.


·          Waste reduction/reuse/recycling measures are proposed for construction.


·          Environmental benefits from implementing this Project include the completion of the Lai Wai Interchange and a reduction in noise and air pollution associated with the potential problems of congestion in the West Kowloon Reclamation area.


Others : No ESMG meetings have been convened