Details of catalogued buildings and structures in the Spur Line Study Area.


Pun Uk Tsuen (Figure L11)


LMC-99-01       Horseshoe shaped Fung Shui shrine. Concrete slabs and stone rubble construction. Bricks set in concrete acting as incense holder.


LMC-99-02       Two traditional style terraced village houses (one an end terrace). The front portion of the structure has been covered by a flat roof. The rest of the interiors are relatively unaltered. The main roof on the end terrace is traditional and contains a decorative ridge. The canopies above the doors contain geometric and floral patterns and are in moderate condition.


LMC-99-03       Two traditional style terraced village houses (mid-terrace). The front portions of the houses have been covered in flat roofs. The main pitched roofs have plain concrete ridges. Interior access was not possible.  Decorative canopies over main entrance way and friezes are in moderate condition. 


LMC-99-04       Four traditional style terraced village houses. The front sections of the structures are not roofed. There are traditional ridged roofs over the main living areas of the houses. Each door retains its canopy in moderate condition. Friezes along front wall faded and left side wall, plain.


LMC-99-05       Abandoned house approximately eighty years old. Two storey detached structure with extension on right. Pilasters on either side of façade with moulded capitals. Family was not associated with the Pun village.


LMCC-99-06    Ruins of rectangular structure, red brick, metal roof. It is attached to metal shed at eastern end.


LMC-99-07       Mud brick and red brick building, covered in concrete. Wooden door and lintel, stone slab at threshold.


LMC-99-08       Two traditional style terraced village houses (end terrace). Small mud brick and green brick extension on front left hand portion of structure. Rear traditional style pitched roof on left hand structure with well preserved roof ridge. Canopy and frieze have floral motifs, but are faded.


LMC-99-09       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace) doorway is located on the left hand wall of structure, possibly an alteration to original layout. Structure is abandoned and less modernised than many of the other structures in the village. The front portion of the structure is partially covered by two roofs, leaving an open area in the middle. There is a brick hearth in the kitchen. To the left of the structure there is a concrete patio, incorporating a number of reused cut stones.


LMC-99-10       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace) altered and incorporated into neighbouring structures. Canopy over main entrance way. Rear portion of roof traditional pitched roof.


LMC-99-11       Fung Shui shrine (one of an associated pair). Large concrete enclosure with a natural oblong stone and piece of coral set into the concrete. Brick covered in concrete incense holder. Burner with grate at right front of enclosure.


LMC-99-12       Ancestral Shrine to all Pun ancestors (one of an associated pair). Three sided concrete structure with concrete incense holder and small brick water trough in front.


LMC-99-13       Earth god shrine consisting of wooden and cloth placards braced up against bamboo trees.


LMC-99-14       Abandoned temple/nunnery associated with Pun Uk Tsuen, but located to the west of the village. The building is constructed of green brick with a front entrance way/ courtyard/side halls and a main hall behind. The structure is in very poor condition and a close internal inspection was not possible for safety reasons. The roof has collapsed and the ruins are covered in vegetation.


Chau Tau  (Figure L12)


LMC-99-15       Rectangular green brick structure, with replacement red bricks in places. Modern roof. Interior divided into animal enclosures. Two double panel wooden doors. Dated to pre-1950.


LMC-99-16       Ruin of a two part structure, attached to the left hand side of a modern structure. Wall fragments are a combination of green brick, red brick and mud brick. Usage and age indeterminate.


LMC-99-17       Remains of a rubble stone and mud brick structure, roof remnants present. Interior heavily overgrown with vegetation.


LMC-99-18       Fung Shui wall made of green bricks with stone slabs in front. There is a narrow shelf running lengthways across the wall about half way up. There is a stone slab directly in front of the wall and a stone container to the right of it.


LMC-99-19       A small cannon. The barrel of the cannon has been filled with cement. A local informant noted that the cannon was used against other villages over a century ago.


LMC-99-20       Shrine at the base of a large tree. It consists of a stone incense holder placed on a concrete slab. There are wooden slats with paper inscriptions nailed to the tree base (to the right and left of the incense holder).


LMC-99-21       Modern replacement of a study/ancestral hall.


LMC-99-22       Village well and shrine.  Cut stone well with modern concrete enclosure and shrine.


LMC-99-23       Green brick domestic structure, too heavily altered to detect original style. Pitched roof to rear of structure covered in tar paper. Rear wall has brick and tile eaves.


LMC-99-24       Traditional style terraced village house. Double panel wooden door with decorated canopy in good             cndition. Rear section of structure covered by pitched roof with ornate ridge.


LMC-99-25       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace). Has been modernised. The roof is pitched and has an ornate roof ridge. There is a decorated canopy over the front door in moderate condition.

LMC-99-26       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace). Is currently being used as a residence and has been modernised. The roof is pitched with no ridge. There is a decorated canopy over the front entranceway in moderate condition.


LMC-99-27       Two traditional style terraced village houses (left hand one an end terrace). The pitched roofs over the main portion of the structures have ornate ridges. The friezes and canopies are in very poor condition (the structures are located next to a building site and are being used for storage).


LMC-99-28       Green brick structure (traditional style terraced village house, modified) with red replacement bricks in places. Pitched roof of concrete. Decorative canopy over front doorway.


LMC-99-29       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace). Decorated roof ridge, pitched roof. Decorative ridge on pitched roof. Stone lintel over front door and decorative canopy. Structures LMC-99-29 through 32 are all due to be demolished in the immediate future.


LMC-99-30       Traditional style terraced village house. Decorative ridge on pitched roof. Stone lintel over front door and decorative canopy.


LMC-99-31       Traditional style terraced village house. Decorative ridge on pitched roof. Stone lintel over front door and decorative canopy.


LMC-99-32       Traditional style terraced village house. Decorative ridge on pitched roof. Stone lintel over front door and decorative canopy.


LMC-99-33       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace). Decorative ridge on pitched roof. Stone lintel over front door and decorative canopy.


LMC-99-34       Domestic structure with extension. Brick has been whitewashed. Age is probably pre-1950, questionable.


LMC-99-35       Green brick structure, free-standing. Modified and currently used for storage. Age indeterminate.


LMC-99-36       Row of four terraced structures, overhanging roof supported by four pilasters with wooden beams. Brick walls with concrete coating. Stone foundations.


LMC-99-37       Two sheds currently used for storage. Brick and mud brick walls with modern roofs. Age indeterminate.


LMC-99-53       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace). Traditional pitched roof with decorative ridge. Canopy and frieze in poor condition. Large cut stone lintel over doorway.


LMC-99-54       Rectangular building constructed of various types of brick. Tile and metal roof. Wooden door and lintel, pisé material above the door.


LMC-99-55       Two traditional style terraced village houses. The front façade has mortar with painted green brick pattern over real green bricks. Stone lintels and thresholds and wooden doors. Decorative canopies over each door.


LMC-99-56       Modern Tse Tong.


LMC-99-57       Traditional style terraced village house (end terrace). The front façade has mortar with painted green brick pattern over real green bricks. Stone lintel and threshold and wooden door. Decorative canopy over the door.


LMC-99-58       Ruin of a mud brick structure. It is heavily overgrown with vegetation. Roof has collapsed, but rounded support timbers are still visible. Age is pre-1950.


LMC-99-59       Three traditional style terraced village houses. Traditional pitched roofs with decorative ridges over main portion of buildings and flat roofs over front. Decorative canopies and friezes present. Stone lintels and doorsteps in main entrances.


LMC-99-60       Renovated (1969 on parapet) traditional terraced village house.  Details of unrenovated portions were not accessible.


Yin Kong          (Figure L13)


LMC-99-61       Courtyard terrace house with modernised façade. Rear wall original green brick. Modern windows and front roof. Rear pitched roof is tile and concrete. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-62       Courtyard terrace house, bricks covered with cement over a foundation of large stone blocks. Stone frame, lintel and threshold. Decorated parapet on front. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-63       Courtyard terrace house, green bricks on cut stone block foundation (three courses). Decorated frieze on front and rear walls. Small structure attached to left hand side of building and adjoined to next terrace was used as a room for elderly family members. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-64       Courtyard terrace house, green brick on large cut stone blocks (three courses). Frieze under eaves, poor condition. Moulding under eaves, above frieze. Over 100 years old


LMC-99-65       Courtyard terrace house, green brick walls over large cut stone foundation (three courses). Stone lintel, frame and threshold. Frieze in very poor condition. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-66       Courtyard terrace house, renovated façade. Moulded frieze with paint. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-67       Fung Shui shrine. Concrete platform, set around a large tree. Stones set into the concrete.


LMC-99-68       Inscribed stone rectangular in shape and inscribed with a Buddhist Blessing.


LMC-99-69       Large earth god shrine. Pebble concrete material with incense burner. Burner to the right of the main shrine. Reused stone slabs set into circular concrete platform.


LMC-99-70       Remains of village wall, a) north/south orientation, circa six metres in length, b) east west running section, covered in concrete and associated with fung shui walls. Originally eight to nine feet tall and built of pisé. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-71       Terrace house, single pitched roof. Green brick in corners and façade. The rest of the walls are of coarse mud fabric, as family could not afford full brick construction.


LMC-99-72       Highly altered green brick structure, sheet metal on front. Original Portions over 100 years old.


LMC-99-73       Ruins of a village house. Green brick façade with stone lintel and remains of canopy. Interior overgrown. Age over 100 years old.


LMC-99-74       Courtyard terrace house. Modernised, but following traditional patterns (geometric motif). Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-75       Three courtyard terrace houses. Modernised façade. Some original sections of green brick on rear walls. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-76       Courtyard terrace house (end terrace). Modern façade. Sides have green brick walls with stone corner slabs.


LMC-99-77       Fung shui wall separating the area of the servants and workers quarters from the rest of the village.


LMC-99-78       Ruin of a village house, green brick façade set on stone foundation,  (three layers of brick can be seen with pisé layer as well). Orange sandstone foundation stone under doorway and carved one at right hand corner (now unattached).  Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-79       Two terraced courtyard houses (left end terrace). Renovated facades in traditional style. Stone thresholds in both doorways.  Pitched roof has decorated ridge in poor condition. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-80       Ruins of courtyard terrace house, end terrace. Portions of green brick front and rear walls. Orange sandstone at right hand corner foundation.


LMC-99-81       Two courtyard terrace house, left end terrace.  Green brick walls, concrete covered in places. Canopies in very poor condition. Pitched roof with decorated ridge.


LMC-99-82       Courtyard terrace house. Green brick corners, remaining wall are made of a very strong mud, egg and grain mixture that is known as 'gold wrap silver'. It can be distinguished from the coarse mud fabric by its fineness and strength.


LMC-99-83       Three courtyard terrace houses. Green brick walls. The left end wall and front right hand wall have moulded fish shaped, drainage water spouts just below the frieze. Very elaborate frieze design, painted and moulded.


Tai Tau Leng   (Figure L14)


LMC-99-84       Courtyard village house. Green brick front and corners, coarse mud fabric on side walls. Canopy over front entrance, birds and floral with inscription.  Only historical house left in village. Over one hundred years old.


LMC-99-85       Ruin of a village house. Small portion of front green brick wall, only remaining feature. Age not discernable, probably c. 1900.


LMC-99-86       Rear extension on modern structure. Green brick walls, filled in window. Age not discernible, probably c. 1900.


LMC-99-87       Village gate and remnants of original village wall. The gate is completely modern. The wall remnants are of green brick and are found on either side of the gate. Wall remnants are over 100 years old.


LMC-99-88       Modern Earth god shrine with fung shui wall behind. Concrete and mosaic tiled platform with incense burner.


LMC-99-89       Eight sided well with shrine. Shrine is of modern construction.


Tsung Pak Long  (Figure L8)


LMC-99-90       Green brick gate house. Pitched roof with plain ridge. Shrine inside. Wooden door frame and loft inside. Pre-1900 in date.


LMC-99-91       Two terraced village house with single pitched roof. Green brick walls on front and back. Side walls are of coarse mud fabric with corners of brick. Flat plaster decoration above front doorway, Frieze, indiscernible on front and gable. Pre-1900 in date.


LMC-99-92       Two terraced village houses with single pitched roof. Green brick front and rear walls. Coarse mud fabric on side walls. Two very ornate canopies over doorways. Frieze decorations on gable and front wall. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-93       Terraced village house with single pitched roof.  Green brick wall on front, coarse mud fabric on side and rear. Very well preserved canopy over door with moulded animal figures in excellent condition. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-94       Terraced village house, end terrace. Rear extension with balcony on first floor (corbelled balustrade). Small remnant of canopy still evident over front doorway. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-95       Tse Tong of village. There are five rooms, one for each of the clans of the village, Wong, Kan, Lau, Kwong and Chan. Two rooms to the left of a gate entranceway and three to the right. Building materials vary, second from the right is of original green brick. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-96       Small green brick structure wedged in between two modern buildings. Modern roof and front door.


LMC-99-97       Small shrine, modern concrete walls and incense holder. At base of large tree.


LMC-99-98       Modern concrete Earth god shrine. Large and ornate concrete (pebble work) enclosure with burner and incense holder.


LMC-99-99       Two terraced village houses. Single pitched roof, with modern repairs. Friezes under eaves, front and side. Modern doors. Green brick and mud brick walls. Over 100 tears old.


LMC-99-100    Ruin of a village house, foundation and one wall corner remaining. Stone threshold and entrance slab still visible.


LMC-99-101     Terraced village house with single pitched roof. Painted friezes on front and side wall (very faded). Canopy with floral motif over front door. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-102     Ruin of village house, mid terrace. Green brick front wall, coarse mud fabric on rear. Entrance way bricked in. Remains of timber and tile roof.


LMC-99-103     Two terraced courtyard houses, right end terrace. Left hand portion has canopy and frieze on front wall, right hand one is modern. Very large cement like bricks on exterior side walls, green brick on front. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-104     Village house with single pitched roof (tile and cement). Brick walls, lower course covered in plaster. Left hand wall at back has a Buddhist blessing inscribed on black and red plaque. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-105     Long rectangular green brick building with mud brick extension on the left side. There is a wooden loft supported by timbers, running down the length of the interior from c. 1 metre back from entranceway. Three windows, two with built in brick grilles.


LMC-99-106     Five sided well with shrine. The well is brick lined with indentations just below ground level. The shrine has a stone set in concrete and an incense holder.


LMC-99-107     Reused cut stone blocks (5), that have been set in concrete to form a shrine (altar), attached to the side of a recent structure. There is an incense holder on top.


LMC-99-108     Remains of original gate and paving stones (over 100 years old). Only the base of gate remains, stone slabs now set in concrete and paving stones leading into village.


LMC-99-109     Courtyard terrace house. Tile and concrete roof. Wooden door and gate. Decorative roof ridge. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-110     Courtyard terrace house with decorative roof ridge. Moulded canopy and frieze on front wall. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-111     Courtyard terrace house (mid). Front wall is green brick (no access to rear). Canopy above wooden door, Moulded decoration with eight-sided yin yan symbol as central motif. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-112     Courtyard terrace house (renovated, front panel with 1963 date). Right hand wall is green brick with plain frieze. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-113     Terraced village house. Pitched roof, ridge style not visible. Friezes under eaves, faded and motif indiscernible. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-114     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick front and rear walls with coarse mud fabric mortar. Interior is relatively unaltered, red wooden partition in interior. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-115     Chan's ancestral hall. Large compound with entrance way section at front and two posterior rows of buildings. Entrance is elaborate with very large cut stone door frame and sliding wooden door gate in excellent condition. Gate house at entrance way has shrine and decorative painted friezes in interior. Dates to late Qing dynasty.


LMC-99-116     Green brick shrine with green brick burner block at front right. Elaborate sides in a wok yee gable style. Modern cut stone enclosure around shrine.


LMC-99-296     Well. Circular concrete enclosure. Square well aperture with cut stone slabs set into the concrete.


Ho Sheung Heung  (Figure L5)


LMC-99-117     Yuen Lam Dai. Green brick structure with yellow painted façade. Granite corner blocks and base on side wall. Pre-1950.


LMC-99-118     Domestic residence constructed of green bricks. Wooden door and frame, stone threshold. Moulded frieze under eaves. Pre-1950.


LMC-99-119     Gate made of red and green bricks. Entrance way has stone lintel and red sandstone blocks with rounded corners. Round perforations above entranceway. In very poor condition. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-120     Courtyard house next to Hau ancestral hall. Green brick walls with concrete around foundation courses. Stone threshold and lintel. Wooden double panel door. Canopy, floral with animal figures in poor condition. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-121     Hau ancestral hall. Green brick structure with inset entranceway. Painted panels under eaves at front. There are substantial green brick ruins behind this structure and the residence beside it (LMC-99-120). Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-122     Ruins of a red and green brick structure. Interior overgrown with vegetation. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-123     Ruins of a courtyard house, in very poor condition, but with many original features still visible. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-124     Ruins of a single room structure. Brick walls remaining, doorway elements still visible, remains of plaster on interior walls. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-125     Courtyard house. Modern metal door with traditional canopy. Stone threshold and lintel. Blessing inscription on back wall. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-126     Courtyard house. Renovated. Few original features. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-127     Ruin of a group of buildings. Mixed brickwork. Possible animal pens or storage. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-128     Four courtyard terrace houses. Right hand structure only one with original brick façade. Left hand and third structure from the left have canopies. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-129     Five courtyard terrace houses. From left: green brick, green brick, modern façade, modern façade and green brick. Pre-1950.


LMC-99-130     Village house. Beige and grey bricks. Heavily altered from original form and in very poor condition.


LMC-99-131     Ruins of a courtyard terrace house. Green brick façade. Interior totally overgrown and containing collapsed building parts, i.e. door, roof timbers, etc. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-132     Four courtyard terrace houses with small extension on the right. Rough stone foundation with green brick walls. The buildings are in very poor condition, but two are still obviously still in use as ancestral shrines, i.e. they have altars and fresh offerings. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-133     Six courtyard terrace houses. Left two, some original features, middle two, heavily altered and right two, ruinous and abandoned.


LMC-99-134     Four courtyard terrace houses. The brickwork has been painted and the exteriors modified. Pre-1950.


LMC-99-135     Two courtyard terrace houses. Left hand one, green brick, right hand one, modern façade. Stone threshold and pivots. Pre-1950.


LMC-99-136     Ruins of structure, wall only remaining. Grey brick with coarse mud fabric.


LMC-99-137     Two green brick courtyard houses. Left hand structure has moulded canopy and façade painted to look like brick work. Right hand structure is green brick. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-138     Village house, renovated 1969 (on parapet). Painted frieze under eaves at sides. Walls are of green brick. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-139     Village house. Green brick walls, pitched roof. Inset entranceway with pilasters on right and left sides. Addition of reused materials on right hand side.


LMC-99-140     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls with concrete in places. Canopy over front door. Rear wall has attached incense burners.


LMC-99-141     Courtyard terrace house  with green brick walls, has been modernised. Wooden door and frame, stone lintel. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-142     Three courtyard terrace houses. Stone foundations and green brick. Left hand two have moulded canopies over doorways.



LMC-99-143     Ruins of courtyard terrace houses. Walls of green brick with fragments of stone door frame, canopies and wall frieze. Interior overgrown. Pre-1950.


LMC-99-144     Ruins of a gate. Two stone slabs in inner doorway. Outer doorway absent. Shrine in north-west corner with piece of red sandstone. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-145     Ruins of two brick buildings, probably animal pens. Incorporating reused materials, age uncertain.


LMC-99-146     Concrete modern shrine. Piece of red sandstone in altar, incense holder in front. Burner to left of shrine.


Kwu Tong  (Figure L15)


LMC-99-147     Stone lined channel, c. 30 to 40 years old, but representing traditional construction methods  (cut stone).


LMC-99-148     Village residence dating from 1936 (Yuen family). Was formerly used as a school and is currently a residence. Three attached structures. Fan shaped gable on right structure.


LMC-99-149     Two graves associated with the Yuen family house (LMC-99-148) and of similar age.


Sheung Shui Wai (Man Hau Tsuen) (Figure L1)


LMC-99-151     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick with modern construction on back. Stone threshold and lintel in front doorway. Moulded canopy above doorway. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-152     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick with canopy over front door and moulded friezes under eaves. In poor condition, c. 120 years old.


LMC-99-153     Shrine. Stone base and incense holder. Body painted to imitate bricks. Burner with round hole under incense holder. Modern and historical building elements.


LMC-99-154     Two courtyard terrace houses. Green brick with wooden doors and frames. Canopies above both doors, floral and faunal motifs. Moulding under eaves at front.


LMC-99-155     Courtyard terrace house (end terrace). Green brick structure approximately seventy years old. Frieze in poor condition, many modern renovations.


LMC-99-156     Courtyard terrace house (end terrace). Modern roof and windows. Traces of original decoration below eaves. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-157     Portion of former courtyard house incorporated into modern structure. Some decorative features remain, e.g. moulding under eaves. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-158     Two courtyard houses, green brick covered with a mud fabric and smoothed on left hand one and concrete over brick on right hand one. Moulding and friezes present. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-159     Front and rear walls of green brick only remaining portion of structure. Interior overgrown.


LMC-99-160     Courtyard terrace house, completely painted, pre-1950 in age. Moulded canopy over front doorway. Stone threshold and courtyard floor.


LMC-99-161     Ruins of a green brick and coarse mud fabric structure. Remnants of roof remaining. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-162     Ruins of a coarse mud fabric structure. Wooden door, frame and lintel. Possibly remains of courtyard house. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-163     Shrine under a large Banyan tree. Six sided, red, concrete enclosure around tree. Incense burner and shrine.


Sheung Shui Wai (Tai Yuen Tsuen) (Figure L1)


LMC-99-167     Well set in a concrete square. Shrine in western section, open rectangle in shape.


LMC-99-168     Two courtyard terrace houses. Both houses have canopies and the left one has a painted frieze on the front. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-169     Courtyard terrace house, pisé walls and painted façade to imitate brick work, some green bricks present in walls. Canopy has been removed. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-170     Two courtyard terrace houses. Double panel wooden doors and stone thresholds. Green brick facades, painted. Side wall is pisé. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-171     Ying Lung Ancestral Hall. Two halls with roofs and open central section. Painted murals under eaves on the front. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-172     Village house. Rectangular in shape. Windows with moulded canopies. Single pitched roof of tile and concrete.


LMC-99-173     Three courtyard terrace houses. Green brick walls and canopies above the two right hand structures' doors and friezes on the left hand structures' walls.


LMC-99-174     Three terrace village houses. Central structure has one wok yee gable. Structures are all heavily altered except for rear walls, where some original green brick and mouldings under the eaves remain.


Sheung Shui Wai (Hing Yan Tsuen)  (Figure L2)


LMC-99-175     Gate of modern construction, upper storey used as a residence. It originally also incorporated a study hall in a previous structure on the same site.


LMC-99-176     Two village buildings of green brick, currently used as residence and for storage. Inset entranceways with pilasters spaced evenly along the front. Frieze under gable on left hand side wall. Upper storey has windows all along the front. Age pre-1950.




Sheung Shui Wai (Po Sheung Tsuen) (Figure L2)


LMC-99-177     Green brick structure, altered, e.g. door on side of structure, modern style parapet, frieze under eaves.


LMC-99-178     Shrine, green brick with stone shelf and an arched alcove. Trough of bricks at foot. Kwun yam figures sitting on top.


LMC-99-179     Village house, heavily altered. Green brick with stone threshold. Seventy to eighty years old.


LMC-99-180     Courtyard terrace house, painted green brick. Wooden door and frame. Canopy above door and painted frieze (floral and landscape). Seventy to eighty years old.


LMC-99-181     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls, renovated. Frieze along facade.


LMC-99-182     Courtyard terrace house. Brick painted white, façade altered. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-183     Courtyard terrace style house. Brick walls painted white. Stone threshold and lintel. Heavily modified. Possibly of recent construction using older materials.


LMC-99-184     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls. Wooden door and frame. Canopy above door, moulded and painted (floral, faunal and geometric patterns). Seventy to eighty years old.


LMC-99-185     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls. Wooden double panel door, stone threshold and wooden lintel. Moulded canopy above door. Frieze on façade is now plain.  Fish shaped brackets on the sides of the canopy. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-186     Well and fung shui shrine. Semi-circular enclosure built into a wall. Shrine located in the enclosure wall.


LMC-99-187     Shrine. Six-sided enclosure around a large banyan tree. Incense burner built in and burner to the side. Earth god shrine for the protection of the village nearby. The original shrine is as old as the village.


LMC-99-188     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls. Stone lintel and threshold. Moulded canopy above modern front door (floral and faunal pattern). Fung shui mirror on front wall. Frieze, moulded and painted, front and left walls. Inscribed blessing plaque on left wall. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-189     Courtyard house. Modern façade, green brick side/ rear walls. Frieze under gables, blackened.  Modern pitched roof. Extension to back of side walls. Pre-1950 construction.


LMC-99-190     Two courtyard terrace houses. Left, pounded earth with painted plaster to imitate brickwork. Stone threshold. Two painted panels. Right, frieze along front wall, floral faunal and landscape. Both doorways have canopies above them, flowers and mythical animals. Seventy to eighty years old.



LMC-99-191     Courtyard terrace house (end terrace). Cut stone on lower walls on façade. Painted plaster (imitation brick) over real bricks. Moulded canopy over door with frieze. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-192     Shrine of brick and concrete construction, rectangular in shape with incense holder and altar.


LMC-99-193     Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls. Stone threshold and lintel. Wooden door and frame. Canopy with moulding and paint work. Seventy to eighty years old.


LMC-99-194     Two green brick courtyard terrace houses. Moulded canopies over both doors and friezes on the façade. Stone lintel and threshold on left structure, stone lintel on right doorway. Over 100 years old.


LMC-99-195     Village building, possibly former study hall. Moulded half pilasters with moulded capitals, under both eaves. Pre-1950 in construction.


LMC-99-196     Courtyard house. Green brick walls. Wooden door and frame. Moulded canopy and frieze on façade. Moulding under eaves. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-197     Two courtyard terrace houses. Green brick walls, stone lintels and thresholds with modern doors. Fung shui wall in front of house, green brick with cement and mud fabric. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-198     Well, set in concrete platform. Small shrine with piece of rock set into altar and incense burner set into enclosure wall. There is an inscribed stone near entrance of enclosure for protection of the water's purity.


LMC-99-199     Two to three metre section of a fung shui wall, green brick, covered in places with plaster. There are modern walls nearby.


LMC-99-200     Well next to modern block of flats. Rectangular, concrete enclosure with shrine at far right rear wall.


LMC-99-201     Shrine at edge of car park. Six sided enclosure (pink/red in colour and concrete) around a large banyan tree. Two grinding stones have been incorporated into the design.


Sheung Shui Wai  (Wai Loi Tsuen) (Figure L16)


LMC-99-164     Two storey gate house. Brickwork walls with red sandstone slabs around entranceway with arch. Wooden door and metal gate. Interior is painted to imitate bricks.


LMC-99-165     Village house. 1948 date on parapet at front of structure. Two stories. Brick walls painted. Extension, possibly modern on right hand side of the building.


LMC-99-166     Industrial building; use unknown. Two storey building with covered patio. Green brick walls with pillars and wooden beam under eaves at front. Tile and concrete roof. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-202     Green brick two storey structure. Ground floor entranceway has wooden door with stone lintel and threshold and projecting canopy above. Rear is incorporated into village wall. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-203     Village house, brick walls (greyish blue in colour). Renovation of façade with parapet and panel. Age pre-1950.


LMC-99-204     Ruin of a courtyard terrace house and village house. Green brick walls with stone foundation. Age pre-1950.


LMC-99-205     Single storey village building. Walls of coarse mud fabric with plaster. Age pre-1950.


LMC-99-206     Portion of a village wall, c. 3 metres in height, green brick with apertures in upper section.


LMC-99-207     Ruins of a brick structure (various colours and types of brick). Roof missing and interior overgrown. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-208     Village house and shed. Tile and concrete roof. Wooden door and frame. Age pre-1950.


LMC-99-209     Ruin of a village house. Green brick walls remaining with wooden beams and door frame fragments.


LMC-99-210     Ruins of a courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls and heavy coarse mud fabric plaster. Doorway altered, but moulded canopy intact.


LMC-99-211     Ruins of a courtyard terrace house and attached shed. Brick walls (mixed types). House pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-212     Two courtyard terrace houses. Canopies over entranceways in poor condition. Renovations on facades. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-213     Ruins of two structures constructed of mixed brick types.  Modern alterations (doors and windows). Plain canopy over front doorway. Age pre-1950.


LMC-99-214     Well. Circular concrete enclosure around a square well opening. Wall of green brick covered in chu nam. Shrine in southern section of enclosure.


LMC-99-215    Courtyard terrace house. Heavily altered on façade with modern awning instead of canopy over front doorway. Over 100 years in age.


LMC-99-216     Green brick walls. Wooden door, frame and lintel. Canopy above front entranceway with moulded tile and concrete canopy.


LMC-99-217     Gate in village wall. Exterior brick wall is heavily plastered. Window above lintel and filled in round holes.


LMC-99-218     Village house, two stories. Decorative panels on façade. Modern additions. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-219     Hung Shing temple. Completely modern renovation. Two halls and a central courtyard.


LMC-99-220     Original Hung Shing temple, dating to founding of the village. Green brick walls. Wooden doors lintel and frame, stone threshold. Decorative ridge on roof, poor condition and truncated by addition of attached modern structure.


LMC-99-221     Tin Hau temple. Completely renovated to modern structure.


LMC-99-222     Two storey village house. Pitched roof with plain ridge. Front doorway with canopy and painted panels under eaves. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-223     Ruin and village house. Green brick structure, two stories in height. Ruins of a mixed brick shed. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-224     Courtyard terrace house. Double panel wooden door, frame and lintel, stone threshold. Decorative canopy above front doorway, moulded and painted (animals, tables and fruit).


LMC-99-225     Ruins of a courtyard house. Green brick walls, remains of tile and concrete roof. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-226     Village house. Façade is totally renovated and modern. Back wall is green brick. Projecting bricks under eaves on back wall. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-227     Ruins of a green brick wall. Mixed construction.


LMC-99-228     Kwun Yum temple. Completely modern renovation.


LMC-99-229     Village moat. Original location, but now with completely modern lining, concrete.


LMC-99-230     Reconstructed Qing shrine and altar. Rectangular enclosure with burner unit.


LMC-99-231 Modern shrine, similar in design to (LMC-99-230).


Tung Chan Wai  (Figure L17)


LMC-99-38       Shrine. Red and green brick structure with granite slabs. Inscribed plaque with red sandstone surrounds the incense burner.


LMC-99-39       Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls. Front section still functioning as kitchen. Wooden door and frame, stone threshold. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-40       Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls, wooden door, stone frame, lintel and threshold. Decorative canopy over door and frieze decorations in poor condition. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-41       Courtyard terrace house. Green /bluish bricks. Parapet with 1961 renovation date.


LMC-99-42       Courtyard terrace house. Green brick stone lintel and threshold, wooden door and frame. Canopy and panels above front door. Landscape patterns, painted and moulded. Modernised interior. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-43       Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls. Wooden door and frame. Stone lintel and threshold. Decorative canopy over door in moderate condition. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-44       Courtyard terrace house. Green brick walls. Wooden door, frame and lintel, stone threshold. Decorative canopy over front doorway. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-45       Village house. Single pitched roof with plain ridge. Green brick walls with cut slab corner stones. Wooden door, frame and lintel, stone threshold. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-46      Ruins of four structures, walls and some features remaining, i.e. door and window frames, thresholds and lintels.


LMC-99-47  Two village houses with tile and concrete pitched roofs. Green brick walls. Wooden doors and frames, stone thresholds.


LMC-99-48       Ruins of two terrace houses. Green brick walls, divided into three rooms.


LMC-99-49       Small green brick structure with tile and concrete pitched roof. wooden door and frame, stone lintel and threshold.


LMC-99-50       Three terraced village houses, approximately seventy to eighty years old. Moulded frieze under eaves. Doorway of rightmost structure has incense burner.


LMC-99-51       Green brick village house with granite corner stones. Stone lintel and threshold. Modern awning over doorway. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-52       Small structure of coarse mud bricks with sandy mud mixture mortar, thickly plastered. Concrete pitched roof. Age over 50 years.


LMC-99-232     Ruins of two structures, grey, green brick walls. Rough stone (rubble) pieces used in wall footings and corners. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-233     Ruins of pig pens. Bluish grey bricks. A lot of cut stone pieces in vicinity. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-234     Courtyard terrace house. Stone in wall footings and at corners. Façade undecorated. Tile and concrete roof with plain ridge. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-235     Two village houses, terraced. Over 100 years old. Green brick walls with wooden beams under front eaves. Stone foundations. Decorative friezes.


LMC-99-236     Two green brick terraced structures with stone foundations. Wooden doors and frames, stone thresholds and lintels.  Moulding under eaves at rear of structures. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-237     Two green brick terraced structures with tall wooden doors. Stone lintels and thresholds. Pitched tile and concrete roofs. Undecorated exteriors. Pre-1950 in age.



LMC-99-238     Village house, green brick walls. Tile and concrete roof. Lower walls covered in coarse plaster. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-239     Two green brick houses. Pitched roofs of tile and concrete. Façade undecorated. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-240     Village house. Green brick walls, roughly repaired with cement mixture. Tile and concrete roof with projecting bricks under eaves. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-241     Two terrace houses of green brick. Wooden doors, frames and lintels, stone thresholds. Right hand structure has been heavily repaired. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-242     Two green brick houses. Modern doors. Plain moulding under eaves. Tile and concrete roofs, pitched. No other exterior decorations. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-243     Village house with pitched tile and concrete roof. Round wooden beam under front eaves. Moulded bracket on right side. Frieze under gable.


LMC-99-244     House (partial ruin). Green brick walls. Pitched roof, undecorated. Two green brick buildings in state of collapse are attached to it. Numerous stone blocks in vicinity. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-245     Two terrace houses. Coarse green brick walls. Moulding under eaves on left hand structure and projecting bricks on right hand one. Pre-1950 in age.


LMC-99-246     Terrace courtyard house. Green brick walls. Moulding under eaves at rear, painted and moulded frieze at front. Decorative canopy over front entranceway. Sixty to seventy years old.


LMC-99-247     Three courtyard terrace houses within a walled compound of green bricks. Decorative roof ridges. Wooden doors, frames and lintels, stone thresholds. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-248     Tower. Stone foundation and brick walls. Connected to village wall. Stone lintel and threshold. In a ruinous state.


LMC-99-249     Ruin of an indiscernible structure, green brick. Totally overgrown and filled with rubble.


LMC-99-250     An area containing the ruins of a group of small structures. Only small number of brick wall sections remaining.


LMC-99-251     Section of original village wall. Green brick construction, c.1.5 m high and 35 cm thick. Open sections were gun emplacements according to local informant.       


LMC-99-252     Modernised gatehouse in village wall (two stories). Large red sandstone blocks at inside of doorway. Stone threshold with pivots. Wooden doors.


LMC-99-253     Village house (terrace). Around forty to fifty years old. Modernised external features. Painted plaster under gable.


LMC-99-254     Shed, mud brick construction. Stone threshold with wooden frame, door and lintel. Pre-1950 in date.

LMC-99-255     Courtyard terrace house, over 100 years old. Green brick. Door, frame and lintel of wood. Projecting bricks under eaves.


LMC-99-256     Double building of green brick. Wooden door and frame, stone thresholds and step. Pitched roof with plastered band under eaves.


LMC-99-257     Terrace of six sheds and small structures in a ruinous state. Green brick walls, undecorated. Pre-1950 in date.


Yan Shau Wai  (Figure L17)


LMC-99-258     Green brick shed, abandoned. Projecting bricks under eaves. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-259     Ruins of four structures. Mud and green brick mixture. Stone threshold, wooden, door, frame and lintel. Divided back wall with round timber beam. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-260     Village house and shed. Green and red brick house, poorly repaired. Tile and concrete roof. Stone threshold, wooden door, frame and lintel.


LMC-99-261     Two green brick structures. Tile and concrete pitched roofs. Wooden doors and frames. Cut stone lintels and frames.


LMC-99-262     Pair of green brick structures. Pitched roofs of tile and cement. Cut stone lintels and thresholds. No decorative features.          


LMC-99-263     Terrace of ruined houses. Mud brick and green brick construction. Window with wooden bars intact (second from right). All abandoned. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-264     Shed of mud brick construction. Brick doorstep, wooden door. Ruinous state.


LMC-99-265     Small green brick house, wooden door and frame. Stone threshold. Ceiling beam resting directly on lintel. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-266     Shed of green brick construction. Sandstone foundation. Projecting bricks under eaves. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-267     Terrace of three small brick houses. Tile and cement pitched roofs.  Wooden doors and frames, stone thresholds. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-268     Village house. Green brick, with moulding under eaves. Friezes under eaves with painted panels. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-269     Village house of green brick construction, modern door and lintel. Projecting bricks under eaves. Tile and concrete roof. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-270     Green brick structure with partially plastered walls. Tile and concrete pitched roof. Stone threshold and two steps with modern door at entrance. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-271     Village house. Green bricks (greyish/ brown hue). Two stories. Ridged roof with decoration. Stone threshold, wooden door and frame. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-272     Shrine. Concrete enclosure Platform with incense burner.

LMC-99-273     Two brick structures, abandoned. Main structure has a pitched roof. Wooden door, frame and lintel. Attached shed is in ruinous condition. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-274     Three courtyard terrace houses in very ruinous state. Green brick walls, with red bricks on interior. Stone foundation. Decorative canopies above doors in very poor condition.


LMC-99-275     Ruin of a green brick structure. Completely altered from original form.


LMC-99-276     Ruin of a building with a green brick façade and mud brick side walls, no roof. Pre-1950 in date.


LMC-99-277     Courtyard terrace house. Predominantly green brick, with patches of red. Moulded canopy above modern door. Tile and concrete pitched roof.


LMC-99-278     Moat. Unlined, full of rubble and debris.


LMC-99-279     Courtyard terrace house. Ruinous state. Moulded canopy above front doorway. Moulding under eaves at front.


LMC-99-280     Completely modern Tse Tong.   


Known historical resources highlighted by the AMO as having particular heritage value and requiring assessment of potential impacts.


LMC.99 - 282   Liu Man Shek Tong Ancestral Hall  (Man Hau Tsuen, Sheung Shui)


Main hall of the Liu clan, built in 1751 in Sheung Shui Tsuen. Three hall and two courtyard plan. Original layout altered in 1932 for use as school (Fung Kai School, 1932-1974). Gazetted; restored in 1985. There is an open courtyard behind the hall with exit on right. On corner there is a gatehouse with wok-yee gables. There is also an Earth God shrine and a well with shrine in the village (Figure L1).


LMC.99 - 283   Sheung Shui Old Police Station  (Hing Sheung Shui)


Located in Hing Yan Tsuen and currently being used as the JPC club house. First occupied in 1902. It is a two-storey structure painted white. There are covered walkways with columns and arches along the front of the building on both floors. There are ornate mouldings at the top of the arches and windows (Figure L2).


LMC.99 - 284   Man Lun Fung Ancestral Hall  (San Tin)


Built in the late 17th c, in Fan Tin in honour of Man Lung-Fung. Green-brick structure with intricately carved brackets, granite columns and ornamental articles on the fascia boards. The building contains three halls and two courtyards. Used formerly as a school and an office for village patrol. Unusual because spirit tables are housed in the centre of the hall. Gazetted; repairs in 1982 (Figure L3).


LMC.99 - 285   Tai Fu Tai Mansion  (near San Tin)


Located in Wing Ping Tsuen, San Tin. Built in 1865 by Man Chung-Luen of the 12th generation. In front is a large courtyard surrounded by a wall. The building is constructed of granite and green bricks and is highly decorated. Original kitchen is connected to house by a circular opening. It is the only remaining Mandarin's house in Hong Kong (Figure L4).


LMC.99 - 286   Man Shui Yeh Ancestral Hall  (near San Tin)


"Lok To Tong" built to commemorate Man Shui-yeh, grandson of Man Sai-gor, a Man ancestor. Green brick with 2 halls and a courtyard. Soul tablets in main hall. Fine roof decorations on ridge including porcelain fish (Figure L3).


LMC.99 - 287   Ming Yuen Tong Ancestral Hall  (near San Tin)


Located in Fan Tin Tsuen, San Tin to the left of Lun Fung Man Ancestral Hall. Erected approximately 260 years ago; renovated 1986. Rich ornaments, granite columns and green brick (Figure L3).


LMC.99 - 288   Ming Tak Tong Ancestral Hall  (near San Tin)


Modern building erected in 1972 on site of older structure. Same layout as other halls but all new materials. Only the granite entrance gate-frame in position in new Hall is old from the original (Figure L3).


LMC.99 -289    Hau Kui Shek Ancestral Hall  (Ho Sheung Heung)


Located at the northern end of Ho Sheung Heung and built in honour of Hau Kui-shek in mid 18th c. Traditional pattern of 3 halls and 2 courtyards. "The building has suffered badly from neglect and poor maintenance" (Bard 1988) (Figure L5).


LMC.99 - 290   Sin Wai Nunnery  (Ho Sheung Heung)


Green brick complex near the Hung Shing temple, currently used as a domestic residence. Four main structures, two with plain pitched roofs and two with decorative ridges (Figure L6).


LMC.99 - 291   Hung Shing Pui Fung Temple  (Ho Sheung Heung)         


Original construction date is unknown. Contains gong and bell from 18th century. Probably built by Hung clan, no longer in the area. Most recently renovated in the 1960's. Courtyard contains original green brick paving (Figure L5).


LMC.99 - 292   Lady Ho Tung Welfare Centre  (Opposite Dill's Corner)


Two structures, one functioning as a clinic and dispensary, the other used for storage. The buildings are joined by a roof. The roofs are dark brown in colour and have decorative ridges. The ground floor has a porch with columns (Figure L7).


LMC.99 - 293   Bok Man School  (Tsung Pak Long)


Brick and concrete structure built in 1963. Traditional style with class room buildings and offices. Walls are plastered and painted pale yellow with red trim (Figure L8).


LMC.99 - 294   Hakka Wai  (Tsung Pak Long)


Granite stone foundations with village walls of solid blue brick; walls could be 3-4 ft. thick and village doors of strong wooden grilles or iron lattice gates. The layout is symmetrical and axial. Built by combined efforts of 5 sworn brothers: Kan, Lau Wong, Kwong and Chan. There is an ancestral hall built for each of them in the village (Figure L9).


LMC.99 - 295   Lok Ma Chau Police Station  (Lok Ma Chau Hill)


Built in 1915 as replacement of older structure. It is now a divisional station. Brick      and concrete structure, with original and renovated features. Entrance wall has brickwork in Flemish bond (Figure L10).

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