7.1 Mitigation Measures

7.1.1 Mitigation measures to reduce cultural heritage impacts are recommended as follows:
The Ngau Hom Shek Beach Site and Remaining Coastal Area in Ngau Hom Shek

7.1.2 Two sites of cultural heritage with archaeological significance have been identified at the locations within or very close to the direct impact zone of the proposed SWC alignment, including the selected landing point of SWC. These sites are the Ngau Hom Shek Beach Site and Ngau Hom Shek Hill Site. The SWC especially the location of pilecaps, should be designed to minimize the impact to the two sites of cultural heritage.

7.1.3 The western part of the Ngau Hom Shek Beach Site is located within the landing point of SWC. A rescue excavation therefore should be carried out in the project area with earthworks and building works in this area by the project proponent.

7.1.4 The site is now almost entirely covered by piggery and no further archaeological work can be conducted unless the piggery is moved. The total size of the rescue excavation at the Ngau Hom Shek Beach Site is tentatively estimated 100 square metres (pending the specific design of earthworks and building works). The average depth of cultural deposit is around 1.5 metres according to the result of augering on the site and the estimated time length of field work for the rescue excavation is one month (based on an assumption that one qualified archaeologist, four experienced field assistants and eight labour workers are participated in the excavation; the same assumption is also taken for the estimation of the time length of field work on other sites).

7.1.5 The coastal area at Ngau Hom Shek to the immediate west to the proposed SWC landing point is not accessible for archaeological survey at this stage but the possibility of identifying significant archaeological remains can-not be completely excluded, although the archaeological potential of this area is low. It is recommended therefore to conduct a further archaeological survey and, if necessary, to carry out a rescue excavation in the project area with earthworks and building works by the project proponent after land resumption and before the commencement of construction works of the site. The areas where archaeological survey, rescue excavation and protection from indirect impact are required in coastal Ngau Hom Shek are indicated by Figure EM7.1.

7.1.6 For the area subject to landscape works in the Ngau Hom Shek Beach Site (including the west of the site if necessary) should be filled up to a level that the adverse impact of the proposed tree roots to the existing ground can be avoided. The remaining part of the site will not be directly affected by the construction but it should be protected from potential indirect impact with a layer of soil (30 cm minimum) covered on the top.

7.1.7 The archaeological survey and excavation at Ngau Hom Shek should be conducted by a qualified archaeologist who should apply for a licence under the provision of the A & MO (Cap. 53). The entire process of licence approval takes minimum two months after submitting the application. The programme and details of the archaeological works should be agreed with the AMO.

The Ngau Hom Shek Hill Site with Archaeological Significance

7.1.8 The Ngau Hom Shek Hill Site of the prehistoric period is located slightly outside and above the impact zone of the proposed SWC landing point, the construction therefore will not cause direct adverse impact to this site (Figure EM7.2). It should be emphasized, however, the site area should be protected from indirect impact potentially caused by the construction, and facilities and activities related to the construction should be kept away from the site during the entire process of construction.