10.1         Introduction

            In accordance with the EIA findings, no exceedances of the environmental regulations or guidelines are anticipated. Minor environmental impacts are expected. The need for an intensive environmental monitoring and audit programme is not envisaged. However, 24-hour TSP monitoring and noise monitoring during construction phase; as well as odour patrolling and noise monitoring during the first year of operation of the proposed WFM is recommended.  Audit through site inspection and supervision is also recommended to ensure the environmental performances are within the statutory requirements and guidelines. Recommendations on the environmental monitoring and audit are detailed in the Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) manual. 


10.2         Environmental Monitoring and Audit Manual

            According to the TMEIA Annex 21: Contents of an Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) Programme, the EM&A Manual should be a stand-alone document and should include the following:

(i)                  project background including organisation and programme;

(ii)                purpose of the manual;

(iii)               an implementation schedule, summarising all recommended environmental mitigation measures with reference to the programme for their implementation. The measures shall include those identified at detailed design, contract preparation, construction and operation stages of the project;

(iv)              drawings showing all environmentally sensitive receivers;

(v)                an EM&A programme for the construction of the project including:

-         responsibility for EM&A work;

-         EM&A organisation and management structure;

-         EM&A methodology;

-         Equipment to be used and calibration required;

-         Locations, parameters, frequency and duration for baseline, impact and compliance monitoring;

-         Environmental quality performance limits (Action and Limit levels);

-         Event-Action plans and decision audit flow charts;

-         Procedures for reviewing the monitoring results;

-         Compliance audit procedures and follow-up;

(vi)              implementation programme and impact prediction review procedures;

(vii)             site inspection, deficiency and action reporting procedures;

(viii)           compliant / consultation procedures; and

(ix)              reporting format and procedures.


10.3    Environmental Monitoring and Audit Report

            The EM&A report should include the results and findings of each audit and documented regularly. The EM&A reports should include at least the following:

(i)                  1-2 pages executive summary;

(ii)                basic project information including a synopsis of the project organisation, programme and management structure, and the work undertaken during the monitoring period;

(iii)               a brief summary of EM&A requirements including:

-         all monitoring parameters;

-         environmental quality performance limits;

-         Event-Action Plans;

-         Environmental mitigation measures, as recommended in the EIA report;

-         Environmental requirements in contract documents.

(iv)              advice on the implementation status of environmental protection, mitigation and pollution control measures, as recommended in the project EIA report, summarised in the updated implementation schedule;

(v)                drawing showing the project area, any environmental sensitive receivers and the locations of monitoring and control stations;

(vi)              monitoring results (in both hard and diskette copies) together with the following information:

-         monitoring methodology;

-         equipment used and calibration details;

-         parameters monitored;

-         monitoring locations (and depth);

-         monitoring date, time, frequency and duration;

(vii)             graphical plots of trends of monitored parameters over the past four reporting periods for representative monitoring stations annotated against the following:

-         major activities being carried out on site during the period;

-         weather conditions during the period; and

-         any other factors which might affect the monitoring results;

(viii)           a summary of non-compliance (exceedances) of the environmental quality performance limits;

(ix)              a review of the reasons for and the implications of non-compliance including review of pollution sources and working procedures;

(x)                a description of the actions taken in the event of non-compliance and deficiency reporting and any follow-up procedures related to earlier non-compliance;

(xi)              a summary record of all complaints received (written or verbal) for each media. Including locations and nature of complaints, liaison and consultation undertaken, actions and follow-up procedures taken and summary of complaints;

(xii)             a summary record of notification of summons, successful prosecutions for breaches of environmental protection/pollution control legislation, and actions taken to rectify such breaches;

(xiii)           a forecast of the works programme, impact predictions and monitoring schedule for the next three months; and

(xiv)           comments, recommendations and conclusions for the monitoring period.