1                      Introduction                                                                                                                           1

1.1                   Purpose of the Manual                                                                                                       1

1.2                   Project Description                                                                                                             1

1.3                   Objectives of the EM&A Programme                                                                             3

1.4                   The Scope of the EM&A Programme                                                                              4

1.5                   Organisation and Structure of the EM&A                                                              6

1.6                   Structure of the EM&A Manual                                                                                     9

2                      EM&A GENERAL REQUIREMENT                                                                                           10

2.1                   Introduction                                                                                                                         10

2.2                   EM&A                                                                                                                                            10

3                      Water Quality                                                                                                                        13

3.1                   Introduction                                                                                                                         13

3.2                   Sampling Methodology                                                                                                   13

3.3                   Water Quality Compliance                                                                                             23

3.4                   Water Quality Mitigation Measures                                                                         27

4                      Marine Ecology                                                                                                                    29

4.1                   Introduction                                                                                                                         29

4.2                   Sampling Methodology                                                                                                   29

4.3                   Marine Ecology Compliance – Action Event Plan                                             36

5                      LandFill Gas                                                                                                                            40

5.1                   Introduction                                                                                                                         40

5.2                   Obligations of the Contractor                                                                                  42

5.3                   Monitoring                                                                                                                             43

5.4                   Actions in the Event of Gas Being Detected                                                          43

6                      Site Environmental Audit                                                                                               45

6.1                   Site Inspection                                                                                                                       45

6.2                   Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements                             46

7                      Reporting                                                                                                                                 47

7.1                   General                                                                                                                                      47

7.2                   Baseline Monitoring Report                                                                                         47

7.3                   Monthly EM&A Reports                                                                                                     48

7.4                   Quarterly EM&A Summary Reports                                                                            53

7.5                   Final EM&A Summary Report                                                                                          54

7.6                   Data Keeping                                                                                                                           56

7.7                   Interim Notification of Environmental Quality Limit Exceedances     56

7.8                   Internet EM&A                                                                                                                        56




Annex A            Implementation Schedule


Annex B            Complaints Proforma


Annex C            Water Quality Field Log


Annex D           Coral Survey Proforma




Figure 1.2a  Submarine Pipelines Alignment

Figure 1.2b  Tai Po Landfall Point, Onshore Pipe and Receiving Station

Figure 1.2c  Tentative Construction Programme for the Project

Figure 1.5a  Organisation Chart

Figure 2.2a  Complaints Handling Procedure

Figure 3.2a  Locations of Monitoring Stations for the Pilot Test of the Jetting Works (example for Tai Po)

Figure 3.2b  Water Quality Monitoring Station (A, B, C and D)

Figure 3.2c  Water Quality Impact Monitoring Locations in Zone B (Jetting Works)

Figure 3.4a  Indicative Details of Silt Curtain at Tai Po Landing Point (For Jetting Works within 2km of Seawall and Pipeline Landing Works)

Figure 4.2a  Ecological Monitoring Locations in Zone B (Jetting Works)

Figure 4.2b  Ecological Monitoring Locations at Tung Ping Chau During Dredging at the Mainland Approach

Figure 5.1a  Project Location with respect to Shuen Wan Landfall




Table 3.1  Baseline and Post-project Monitoring Stations

Table 3.2  Water Quality Monitoring Locations within Zone B

Table 3.3  Sequence of Water Quality Monitoring in the Tolo Channel Section (Zone B)

Table 3.4  Location of Water Quality Monitoring Stations in Hong Kong for Dredging Activities in Mainland Waters

Table 3.5  Action and Limit Level for Water Quality

Table 3.6  Water Quality Event and Action Plan

Table 4.1  Marine Ecology Monitoring Stations

Table 4.2  Sequence of Monitoring Along the Tolo Channel Section

Table 5.1  Actions in the Event of Gas Being Detected in Excavations