The EIA has critically assessed the overall acceptability of any environmental impacts likely to arise as a result of the construction and operation of the submarine pipelines supplying gas from the LNG receiving terminal in Shenzhen to the Towngas Gas Production Plant in Tai Po.  Where necessary and practicable, the EIA has specified the conditions and requirements for the detailed design, construction and operation of the Project in order to mitigate environmental impacts to acceptable levels.

This EIA Study has predicted that the Project will comply with all environmental standards and legislation after the mitigation measures are implemented.  The EIA has thus demonstrated the acceptability of any residual impacts from the Project and the protection of the population and environmentally sensitive resources.  Where appropriate, EM&A mechanisms have been recommended before and during construction to verify the accuracy of the EIA predictions and the effectiveness of recommended mitigation measures.  A post project monitoring exercise has been recommended to verify overall project performance. 

The study concluded that there would be no adverse long term or cumulative effects/impacts on the environment.

In conclusion, it is considered that the EIA provides a suitable basis for the Director of Environmental Protection to consider granting the Environmental Permit to allow the construction and operation of the Project.