APPENDIX B1          Data Sheet for TSP Monitoring


Monitoring Location


Details of Location


Sampler Identification


Date & Time of Sampling



Meter Reading

Start     (min.)


Stop     (min.)


Total Sampling Time (min.)


Weather Conditions


Site Conditions


Initial Flow

Rate, Qsi

Pi         (mmHg)


Ti         (°C)


Hi         (in.)


Qsi       (Std. m3)


Final Flow

Rate, Qsf

Pf         (mmHg)


Tf         (°C)


Hf        (in.)


Qsf       (Std. m3)


Average Flow Rate       (Std. m3)


Total Volume    (Std. m3)


Filter Identification No.


Initial Wt. of Filter         (g)


Final Wt. of Filter         (g)


Measured TSP Level    (mg/m3)



   Name & Designation             Signature             Date


Field Operator:


Laboratory Staff:


Checked by:
APPENDIX B2          Noise Monitoring Field Record Sheet




Equipment No.

Last Calibration/Due Date

Sound Level Meter




Sound Pressure Calibrator





Calibration before measurement (dB(A))


Calibration after measurement (dB(A))



Monitoring Location


Description of Location


Date of Monitoring


Weather Condition

Sunny / Cloudy / Rainy

Measurement Start Time (hh:mm)


Measurement Time Length (min/hr)


Measurement Results

L90 (dB(A))







L10 (dB(A))







Leq (dB(A))







Major Construction Noise Source(s)

During Measurement

Excavator / backhoe




Dump truck / lorry


Jack Hammering


Others, pls specify


Other Noise Source(s)

During Measurement

Road traffic noise


Air traffic noise


Construction noise from other sites (e.g. piling)

pls specify:

Village activities or animal noise (e.g. dog barking)

pls specify:










Recorded By




Checked By