8                    CULTURAL HERITAGE




8.1              The assessment in the EIA Report for the Project concluded that no areas of archaeological interest were identified during construction and operation phases of the Project.  As such monitoring and audit for archaeology would not be required.   As the majority of heritage resources are located at a sufficient distance from the proposed works for the non-designated projects at Pui O, no adverse impacts associated with the construction works would be expected.  However, mitigation measures are proposed around the in proximity to a shrine at Pui O Lo Wai Tsuen during demolition and reprovisioning works for the Pui O Raw Water Pumping Station.  Site audit during the construction phase is required to ensure the recommended mitigation measures are properly implemented. 

Mitigation Measures


8.2              Specific mMitigation measures recommended for the construction phase of the Project for the Pui O Raw Water Pumping Station are summarized below.  The implementation schedule of the recommended mitigation measures is presented in Appendix A.


Built Heritage and Cultural and Historical Landscape Features


8.3              Mitigation measures in the form of a temporary fenced off buffer zone in proximity to a shrine at Pui O Lo Wai Tsuen with allowance for public access should be provided as far as practicable.  In case of site constraint, the existing perimeter fence at Pui O Raw Water Pumping Station could be incorporated to protect the shrine and should form the limit of the buffer zone.   Site audit is recommended to monitor whether the mitigation measures are implemented.