6                    LANDSCAPE AND VISUAL




6.1              The EIA Report for the Project has recommended that EM&A for landscape and visual resources is undertaken during both the construction and operation phases of the designated project and non-designated project elements of the Project. The Contractor is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of landscape and visual measures within the construction site, including protection of existing resources, mitigation planting and surface treatment of structures. 


6.2              Also any potential conflicts between the proposed landscape measures and any other project works and operational requirements should be resolved at the earliest possible date and without compromise to the intention of the mitigation measures. In addition, implementation of the mitigation measures recommended by the EIA will be monitored through the site audit programme.


Mitigation Measures for Construction and Operation Phases


6.3              The mitigation measures for the construction and operation phases of the designated project and non-designated project elements are listed below.  These mitigation measures include specific measures for the non-designated projects of raw water mains laying at Pui O, the SHW Raw Water Booster Pumping Station and the Pui O Raw Water Pumping Station.

Construction Phase

·        All existing top-soil should be conserved and re-used.

·        Temporary hoarding barriers should be of a recessive visual appearance in both colour and form.

·        The pumping station should be carefully located to avoid affecting existing urban landscape elements such as mature trees. Optimal screen planting and setback from public roads and pedestrian footpaths should be allowed.

·        Compatible design and construction materials and surface finishes of the proposed structures including SHW WTW Extension and Pui O Raw Water Pumping Station should match with the nearby existing external appearance of WTW buildings in Siu Ho Wan and the existing Pui O No. 2 Raw Water Pumping Station for achieving visual uniformity.

·        Subtle chromatic scheme, for example, greyish blue, with appropriate texture should be introduced as the surface texture of the proposed SHW Raw Water Booster Pumping Station for achieving visual integration with the surrounding landscape.

·        New compensatory planting works should be carried out as early as possible in the construction period which allow maximum time for establishment and more mature trees when the works completed.

Operation Phase

·        Reinstatement of planting should be provided for both sides of the vehicular entrance of the proposed SHW Raw Water Booster Pumping Station in Siu Ho Wan. Planting of native, fast-growing tall canopy trees with shrubs underneath would create a visually continuous amenity area like a green curtain along Cheung Tung Road.

·        Reinstatement of planting should also be provided in both sides of the proposed laying of raw water mains (excluded the maintenance access of 2.5m wide where the raw water mains underneath) in Pui O. Native tree and shrub species or the species as same as the nearby existing woodland/scrubland should be selected for screening the maintenance access and enhancing ecological value.

·        Landscape or compensatory planting should be provided where appropriate for enhancing greening and achieving visual screening. In this aspect, compensatory tree planting should be considered. Selection of plant species should match with the surrounding vegetation type and form for consistency of landscape resources and visual comfort, for matching with the local habitat. Tree planting should be firstly considered when the amenity area or slope is feasible for planting trees so as to provide visual screening.

·        Planting area of approximately 2000 to 3000mm wide where fast growing tall trees with dense foliage should be provided along the site boundary of SHW WTW areas and Siu Ho Wan Raw Water Booster Pumping Station for visual screening in Siu Ho Wan site.

·        For planting close to or surrounded by natural terrain, compensatory planting should be arranged in a semi natural manner where feasible in order to blend the new planting into natural environment.

·        Planting of native, fast growing canopy trees where appropriate along the site boundary of Pui O Raw Water Pumping Station should be provided for visual screening in Pui O site.

·        The newly planted trees, shrubs and grassed areas are maintained throughout the first 12 months of the operation stage.



Construction and Operation Phases Audit


6.4              A Registered Landscape Architect should be employed by the Contractor for the implementation of landscape construction works particularly during the site clearance operations when the proposed tree felling, lifting and transplantation will take place and subsequent maintenance operations during the 12 months establishment period. The establishment works will be undertaken throughout the Contractor’s one year maintenance period which will be within the first operation year of the Project.


6.5              All measures undertaken by both the Contractor and the Landscape Contractor during the construction phase and first year of the operation phase shall be audited by a Landscape Architect, as a member of the Environmental Team, on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the intended aims of the EIA. Site inspections should be undertaken and once every two months during the operation phase. Operation phase auditing will be restricted to the 12 months establishment works of the landscaping proposals, with the appropriate agents taking over the maintenance monitoring after this period as identified in the EIA report. The broad scope of the audit is detailed below: 

·        The tree planting operation, including new trees and transplanted trees.

·        All existing trees and vegetation within the study area which are not directly affected by the works are retained and protected.

·        The methods of protecting existing vegetation proposed by the Contractor are acceptable and enforced.

·        The planting of trees are carried out properly and within the right season.

·        The species and mix of the new trees to be planted are suitable.

·        The transplanted and newly planted trees are watered regularly throughout the 12 months establishment period.

·        Identification and demarcation of trees/ vegetation to be retained, erection of physical protection (e.g. fencing), monitoring against possible incursion, physical damage, fire, pollution, surface erosion etc.

·        Identification and demarcation of trees/ vegetation to be cleared, checking of extent of works to minimise damage, monitoring of adjacent areas against possible incursion, physical damage, fire, pollution, surface erosion etc.

·        Identification and demarcation of trees/ vegetation to be transplanted, monitoring of extent of pruning/lifting works to minimise damage, timing of operations, implementation of all stage of preparatory and translocation works, and maintenance of transplanted vegetation, etc.


6.6              Audit of mitigation measures to avoid impacts on landscape and visual resources will be required with supervision of the compensatory planting. The audit of the compensatory planting will also extend through the first year of the completed works, during the Contractor’s one year maintenance period, to ensure the establishment of the planting.