1                     INTRODUCTION 

1.1                 Project Background

1.1.1           Sai Kung River, Ho Chung River and Pak Kong River are the watercourses causing flooding problems in Sai Kung town centre, Ho Chung and Pak Kong. These watercourses remain natural with irregular cross sections along most of their lengths. Although engineering works have been locally carried out in some parts of the watercourses, flooding persists due to inadequate flow capacities of these rivers exacerbated by the development strain in Sai Kung. 

1.1.2           Drainage Services Department (DSD) completed the “Stormwater Drainage Master Plan in Sai Kung, East Kowloon and Southern Lantau” (DMP Study) and “Preliminary Project Feasibility Study Report” for the drainage improvement in Sai Kung in September 2000 and October 2001 respectively.

1.1.3           The DMP Study identified deficiencies and flooding problems in the existing drainage systems within the study area.  This proposed drainage improvement works in Sai Kung River, Pak Kong River and Ho Chung Channel are part of the recommendations in the DMP Study for upgrading three existing drainage capacity.

1.2                 Purpose of the Environmental Impact Assessment

1.2.1           The proposed project is a Designated Project under Schedule 2 Part I of the EIAO and requires an environmental permit under the EIAO for its construction and operation. An application for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study brief under section 5(1) of the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) was submitted by the Applicant on 1 November 2001 with a Project Profile (No. PP-149/2001) for the captioned proposed project.

1.2.2           The purpose of this EIA study is to provide information on the nature and extent of environmental impacts arising from the construction and operation of the proposed project and related activities taking place concurrently, and to contribute to decisions on the overall environmental acceptability of the Project. 

1.2.3            The EIA provided an assessment of the potential environmental impacts associated with the Project, in relation to the issues specified in the EIA Study Brief No. ESB-088/2001 including noise, air quality, water quality, waste management, land contamination, ecology, cultural heritage and landscape & visual resources.

1.3                 Project Location and Scope

1.3.1           The proposed site of the Project is located in Sai Kung, which is bounded by the high ground of Ma On Shan, Buffalo Hill and Kowloon Peak. Surface runoff drains across the area into Port Shelter to the East via several watercourses.

1.3.2           The project includes drainage improvement works at three of the watercourses, namely Sai Kung River, Pak Kong River and Ho Chung Channel. The Sai Kung River flows through box culvert in the Sai Kung town centre before entering the Sai Kung Hoi. The Pak Kong River runs alongside Hiram’s Highway before entering a road crossing to Pak Sha Wan. The Ho Chung River runs alongside Ho Chung Road before passing under Hiram’s Highway to Pak Sha Wan in the south.

1.3.3           The location plan for the three rivers in Sai Kung is presented in Figure 1 and the individual layout plans for the improvement works at Sai Kung River, Pak Kong River and Ho Chung Channel are given in Figures 2 – 4.  The improvement works cover only a limited length at the downstream side of three rivers while the rest of the rivers will remain at the present conditions.  A cross section and schematic sections of the proposed rivers are presented in Figures 5 - 7.