1          INTRODUCTION    

1.1       Background   

1.2       Purpose of the Manual

1.3       Project Description       

1.4       Environmental Monitoring and Audit Requirements   

1.5       Project Organisation    


2          AIR QUALITY  

2.1       Introduction    

2.2       Air Quality Mitigation Measures 


3          NOISE       

3.1       Introduction    

3.2       Noise Parameters 

3.3       Monitoring Equipment 

3.4       Monitoring Locations   

3.5       Baseline Monitoring for Construction Noise 

3.6       Impact Monitoring for Construction Noise     

3.7       Event and Action Plan for Construction Noise     

3.8       Noise Mitigation Measures 


4          WATER QUALITY   

4.1       Introduction    

4.2       Water Quality Parameters   

4.3       Monitoring Equipment 

4.4       Laboratory Measurement / Analysis

4.5       Monitoring Locations   

4.6       Baseline Monitoring     

4.7       Impact Monitoring

4.8       Event and Action Plan for Water Quality

4.9       Water Quality Mitigation Measures



5.1       Introduction    

5.2       Waste Control and Mitigation Measures 


6          ECOLOGY       

6.1       Introduction    

6.2       Ecological Mitigation Measures and Monitoring  



7.1       Introduction    

7.2       Cultural Heritage Mitigation Measures    

7.3       Baseline Monitoring     

7.4       Construction Phase Monitoring and Audit     



8.1       Site Inspection       

8.2       Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements     

8.3       Environmental Complaints 


9          REPORTING   

9.1       General    

9.2       Baseline Monitoring Report       

9.3       Monthly EM&A Reports       

9.4       First Monthly EM&A Report

9.5       Subsequent Monthly EM&A Reports       

9.6       Quarterly EM&A Summary Reports  

9.7       Final EM&A Review Report

9.8       Data Keeping 

9.9       Interim Notifications of Environmental Quality Limit Exceedances


List of Tables


Table 3.1        Noise Monitoring Stations During Construction Phase

Table 3.2        Action and Limit Levels for Construction Noise

Table 3.3        Event/Action Plan for Construction Noise

Table 4.1        Action and Limit Levels for Water Quality

Table 4.2        Event and Action Plan for Water Quality

Table 6.1        Monitoring of White-shouldered Starlings: Event and Action Plan



List of Figures


Figure 1.1      Location Plan of the Project

Figure 1.2      Preliminary Construction Programme

Figure 1.3      Project Organisation

Figure 3.1      Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring Stations (1, 2)

Figure 4.1      Locations of Water Quality Monitoring Stations

Figure 6.1      Proposed Locations of Water Quality Monitoring Stations for Ecological EM&A

Figure 7.1      Locations of Area E and Abandoned Factory in Chung Hau Archaeological Site

Figure 7.2      Location of the Yuen Compound





Appendix A    Implementation Schedule

Appendix B    Sample Data Sheet

Appendix C    Sample Template for the Interim Notification